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Can schizophrenia be halted before psychosis?

Before I continue with my question I am only looking for answers from people who are really informed about this disease. For the past 2 weeks I have felt hopeless due to the fact that I've come to the realization that It is possible that I might have schizophrenia. Although I haven't had any visual or auditory hallucinations nor have I had delusions I am almost certain that I have the early early early symptoms of the disease based on research. I am currently enrolled in college which makes the idea of me developing this very hurtful and discouraging because I have had big plans set out for my life. Anyway, my anxiety about this began when I attended a psychology lecture and the topic was on schizophrenia. The professor went over the symptoms and one of the symptoms that stood out the most to me is disorganized thoughts. Now I know it that it means that people with schizophrenia switch from topic to topic with loose connections when speaking however I have notice how when I'm thinking to myself about life I easily start thinking about others things. Even though I can be very articulate when I need to be I am worrying if this is just the onset before that symptom fully manifest. Also lately I have noticed that I have a cognitive decline. I have been forgetting names along with walking somewhere to do something and forgetting what I was doing. Some may read this consider this a minor problem but this has been happening too often lately and it's worry

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    First, as you probably know, self-diagnosis is not a good idea. If you're concerned about these problems, talk with a qualified professional.

    "Schizophrenia" is a term applied to a very wide variety of conditions. To give you an idea of how high-functioning some people with the illness are, I know of a man who supports his family with the business he owns and operates. A myth about the illness is that it is progressive. While it's true that a schizophrenic can have psychosocial problems that get worse over the years, this is not because of brain degeneration.

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