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My parents keep saying they want to see me branch of as an adult man, yet stiffle my every attempt. How can I change this ?

I am in my late 20 s fresh out of university, ton of student loans etc... living at home until i save up enough to move out.

I want to drive. I have a license and my parents have 3 vehicles. One is supposed to be handed over to me but... my dad hardly gives me practice!!

He insists on driving me to work himself, and never gives me the key to drive on my own! When i complain about this all he says is"Im not ready yet"

Well if Im not getting the practise..then of course I won t look ready. Many times Ive threatened to just take a rental for a week....but he insists that it would look ridiculous for me to use up my small savings on a rental if he owns 3 vehicles.

You know what looks more ridiculous...a man living in a house with 3 vehicles still taking bus to go to work!!!

But honestly I wud rather take a bus than suffer this any longer....if he thinks it looks ridiculous to the neighbours that I take the bus...then he will give me the key.

We ve been going in circles like this for months now WTF?

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    Ask your Dad if he is willing to pay by our tuition for driving school. Or do you want to pay your tuition since you have a Jo. I didn't have a driver's lisence until I was 24 years old and a college university graduate. Yes, my father did try to teach me.

    It's YOUR life. Take control of it. I never declared financial independence from my father. I could have. My father could treat me as an adult and a child at the same time. Once he ESS looking at can Exxon gas bill at the charges on the Exxon credit card and asked me " Why were you in Bossier City?" Bossier City is right next to Shreveport, LA. I missed an exit on I-20. I got gas and asked for directions. That was in 1986. I was 33 years old. I had dropped out of graduate school.

    Start acting like an adult. Your parents are not going to live forever.

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    He's controlling you.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    He is saving you a shite ton of money,the sooner you are out of his hair the sooner you are free to do as you please.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    A person who is worried about what the neighbors think about a person using public transportation has not grown up emotionally yet!

    If you need daddy's permission to use the bus still something is wrong that is much deeper then having three vehicles in the drive you are not allowed to drive.

    Me, I'd walk if need be so I could buy my own used car even if it was a beater! If the weather was good enough I would get a bicycle to use.

    If I couldn't save enough working one job to get under my own roof, I would get a second job.

    Maybe that second job might interfere with my social life. But having a life is more important then a social life.

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  • Dimo
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    11 months ago

    Your parents have their vehicles, don't want to use them. Solution? Get your own vehicle.

    Get a motorcycle permit, get a used 600cc sport bike, aka "crotch rocket."

    They will probably let you use one of their cars.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    late 20's still at home. concentrate on being debt free first. cars cost. take the bus. get work. save up. move out. you will be like your father when it comes' to teaching your children to drive. remember that

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