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Can I put different pet shop fish water, in one tank?

I have a fish tank and I’m going to put water in it and let the filter run for 24 hours before putting fish in. But when I buy some fish, there’s some I petco I want and some at petsmart I want, if I have two different bags, have them both floating in the water for 10 mintues like your suppose to do, and I put both of the bags water in it, will it kill fish or mess up the water?

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    To acclimate fish to the tap water in your tank -

    It doesnt matter which store the fish came from. But its not a bad idea to find out what ph the store water has. "they will tell you if you ask, and if they dont, then dont buy fish from them" If your ph is different then then theirs you need to acclimate the longer, a little bit at a time. OR, Just always acclimate fish slowly and for at least 60 minutes, or 90 minutes or more for exotic or wild caught fish.

    Floating fish in a bag is not acclimating.

    1. float fish for 15 minutes.

    2. open the bag carefully, add small amounts of tank water every 15-20 minutes "no more then 10% of whats in the bag" Pore water out if their is too much in the bag to add more. It it best to add none or as little as possible petstore water to your tank. That water can carry disease from any tank in the entire petstore. Also that water comes from an over crowded tank full of stressed fish, and then the fish in the bag were stressed making it even more dirty. So it will have a large impact on your filter and you do not want to crash your CYCLE.

    CYCLE =

    You have to let the filter run with a source of ammnia for 4-6 weeks before getting fish. If you add fish to an uncycled tank, they will suffer, and often many will die right away, others will develope long term issues like ammonia burns in the gills, and they will not live as long.

    Please read these articles,

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    Do not mix fish store water with the one you have in your tank or else you'll run the risk of getting all your fish sick. Once you float your fish for 30 minutes in the bag remove the bag with the fish still in it and take the fish out with a fish net. Trust me you do not want to put potentially dangerous water into a clean tank

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    !!!!..You got crap information at petco and petsmart. Nothing they say ever turns out to be correct..!!!!

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    Cycling the tank 24 hours is entirely inadequate. The fish will die because the water they normally live in contains living organisms they need. Also needs to balance to a certain pH.

    The organisms normally found in nature change things like fish urine, made daily by your fish, into non-toxic matter. The filter helps, too.

    It's going to take about one month for the cycling to occur. In the meantime, you will have fish deaths, cloudy water, changing water too much, and posting lots of questions on this. There may be some chemicals you can add to the tank to speed the cycle, but it takes time.

    The bags of water are of little consequence, in comparison to the cycling. They may add disease, if any fish were sick in store tanks, but so will the fish.

    You need to talk to a reputable aquarium store about cycling BEFORE you buy those poor fish, or you'll have dead fish from every store. Ask them your questions FIRST. Perhaps adding 1/2 aged tank water may help, but nothing like cycling.

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    Get some fish penicillin tablets after you put fish in but you must remove the carbon filter in the air supply for awhile...or follow instructions

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    You need to cycle a new tank for 4-6 weeks before adding fish. See here for details: Ideally, you will not pour water into the tank from the bags, but instead will follow the process outlined here when adding fish: I'd also recommend seeking out a reputable independent fish store rather than purchasing from Petsmart or Petco or another chain. They generally have healthier fish, and are more knowledgeable and can offer a good deal of guidance and support.

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