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Been eating like this for 2 yrs. Is this a solid diet?

Mostly green vegetables, but other types included

Mostly dark fruits, but other types included

Only whole wheats

Only homemade bread

Only fish, chicken, turkey

Brown rice, couscous, quinoa

Nuts, seeds, and beans/lentils

Grilled or baked

No fried, deepfried,

No beef or pork

No dairy

No canned food

No boxed meals

No deli food

No dried fruit

No fruit juice

No sodium

No sugarcane, honey, maple syrup, or any other kind of sugar

No artificial sugars (like corn syrup)

No artificial sweetner

Only water as a beverage

Take a dump often

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    11 months ago
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    I'm laughing but not joking when I say the frequent dumps comment was the most telling. It is a good diet generally. The clinician in me wants details about proportions, etc but my rule of thumb is stolen from Susan Powder that it should still look like plants and animals. Which you seem to indeed eat. One nit to pick is to not get overly strict. Food by all means is part of an identity. That's why Vegans get so righteous. When we think of ourselves as "healthy" eaters, we can get caught up in the latest trends and actually be unhealthy because we miss important nutrients such as fats and oils, or in some people's cases, protein or iron.

    My initial concern is that you're missing lipids, fats and oils found in beef, pork, and olive oil or avocados as well as fish. If you've been having trouble with dry skin or brittle hair I would say find a way to get more fats and oils in your diet which can be done while eating a "healthy" diet.

    • Cody11 months agoReport

      As far of proportions, I would say grains make up the most of what I eat, then greens, then beans, then meat, and then of course fruit; can't say as far as how much each meal as it varies but that is the general heirarchy.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    take out the nuts, seeds, and beans/legumes. those destroy the lining in your stomach. eat more meat and eggs. be gluten free because gluten also bad for health. do your research, just because you googled a plant that say it has vitamin A, K or whatever doesnt mean human can digest it.

  • 11 months ago

    Yes that is a healthy diet, well done you, what about adding eggs, they are full of protein too. I don't think there is anything wrong with adding the odd bit of maple syrup into your diet too, you could try making your own oat milk and oat milk pancakes, oats are iron rich.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Ditch the wheat. Other grains are ok but I wouldn't say they are ideal.

    Nothing wrong with eating red meat, a little dried fruit (with no added sugar) and the occasional honey/maple syrup.

    Not listed are potatoes and eggs. I don t know if you eat those but they are good for you.

    Salt your food. You need salt in your diet.

    EDIT: Dried fruit adds variety. That's all. We definitely don't need dried fruit but it sure is tasty and its not unhealthy. Fruit juice I am not a fan of. Fresh is ok every once in a while but the stuff from the store is empty calories. But even fresh juice lacks fiber so its best to eat the whole fruit.

    • Cody11 months agoReport

      Also, yeah nothing wrong with dried fruit but that's why I balanced that with no fruit juice. Because who needs either if your're simply having the real thing? lol

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  • 11 months ago

    Depending on the relative amounts you eat it seems varied enough to be a good diet.

  • JenKay
    Lv 6
    11 months ago

    Solid, but joyless.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    You will live forever. Crinkly as phuck but alive.

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