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Is the Noel Coward theatre prestigious?

On London there are several theatres named after famous people, Laurence Olivier, John Gielgud, maybe Ralph Richardson.

There is one names after famous playwright Noel Coward.

Me and my wife are but g theatre goers and we have visited London several times, to see shows and have visited and seen shows in both Old Vic and Laurence Olivier theatre.

However later this year, there is a show of All About Eve, with Gillian Anderson playing the Bette Davis role from the film, it is at this Noel Coward theatre.

We are usually slightly intimidated by a new theatre or places we are not familiar with.

Is the Noel Coward theatre a prestigious theatre?

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    Well, it's over 100 years old, and Noel Coward actually appeared there. The current name, though, dates from only 2006. I don't think it's any more "prestigious" than a number of other West End theaters, but certainly some important productions have been staged there and important actors have appeared there. It has a distinguished history in that respect

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    Hi so no never heard of one.

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