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Apparently, Christians have redefined yet another word when I wasn't looking. Does perfection no longer include incorruptibility?

Quote from the user Christianity: "First off, he created Adam and Eve perfect. It was they who corrupted everyone and allowed sin into the world, not God."

Dafuq? How were they perfect if they corrupted everything? and if your answer is going to be that Satan corrupt of them, how were they not incorruptible if they were perfect?

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    @Christianity - "Adam and Eve were perfect and then they corrupted themselves",

    which means, of course, they could not have been perfect.

    @Paul - "So, if I have a perfect vase, it cannot be made imperfect?"

    Not if it's perfect. If it's a perfect vase, that would mean it would be immune from being broken. If a vase could be broken, then it's not perfect.

    @Mutations Killed Darwin Fish - "A perfect poodle is not a doberman".

    No, it's a perfect poodle.

    @Donald - "adding in free will , allows the possibility of corruption."

    Then, it's not perfect.

    @Arch - "I had a perfect steak last week"

    No you didn't. You had a well cooked steak, that was fashioned to your taste. There is a REASON the waiter asks "Rare, Medium or Well Done"?

    • Princess11 months agoReport

      @Christianity: If they could rebel, they were not perfect, like saying the "perfect car will blow itself up". I fail to grasp why you cannot see that.

      @Donald: How did the breakfast fall on the ground... all by itself? If something knocked it to the ground... is that the fault of the breakfast?

  • Hogie
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    Why does Scripture say Satan was perfect until iniquity was found in him? Those things and beings of creation are not God, and only God is "perfect" in the sense of being incorruptible. You can make an item and call it "perfect" yet still smash it to pieces. At that point, it is no longer a perfect creation.

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    If you take "created...perfect" to mean in form only, then they would be "perfect" in form yet corruptible in spirit.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Christians aren't exactly known for their logic.

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    I find it hard to see them as corrupt (well, it's a myth, but hypothetically speaking as if it were true).

    He made them innocent without knowledge of good and evil, and put them in a garden with a far more intelligent, evil being looking to corrupt them-- who an omniscient God knew would corrupt them.

    It's akin to leaving kindergartners at home with poisoned candy and telling them not to eat it, knowing a troublemaking teen in the house is going to try to talk them into eating it. Then you punish the kids for eating the candy that the teen tricked them into eating, when the adult is the one who failed to protect and supervise the kids.

    It's more like Adam & Eve were set up to fall... by God.

    • Mackenzie
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      NO...BLAMING GOD ABSOLUTELY WORKS...THEY DID NOT BLOW IT..GOD failed to protect them from the evil that was lurking and out to get them, he knew all about Satan and they did not.

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    My car was running along perfectly until I hit a pothole and it flipped over.

    Look, all you who commented on my answer. Understand, my definition of "perfect" is not "that which is undamaged." That would make a flat time not a perfectly flat tire. NO, my definition is "that which is exactly the way it is and not some other way." Therefore man, the world, nature, and the universe are perfect. Or as Genesis said, "good."

    "Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect."

    Source(s): Mt. 5:48
    • jon pike
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      Shadow, it's not that you and I aren't working on things. Look at my comment right above your last one.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Xstains have time on their hands. That and fecal matter.

  • Donald
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    11 months ago

    adding in free will , allows the possibility of corruption.

    we all see this.

    but not you.

    guess why?

    idolatry and other sins that rot the mind.

    i still have hope you may fix things.

    but will you?

    tick tock

    • Donald
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      the word does not only mean physical perfection. it means MORALLY PERFECT. i get it. you are the one confused. 8549 tamiym taw-meem' from 8552; entire (literally, figuratively or morally); also (as noun) integrity,

      it can also means without blemish in the flesh.
      it can mean both. Noah was both.

  • That whole argument is self defeating anyway

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    They can say it was supposed to be Satan all they want but that book has a talking snake in it.

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      Yes the Bible calls Satan a serpent/snake (same thing) and a dragon but it does not call him a beast of the field like the snake in genesis, that is a Biblical phrase only used to describe animals. The snake in genesis is described as a beast of the field never a dragon or archangel.

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