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Is lots Angeles how I imagine it?

I imagine lots Angeles as this glamorous place. Like you see a lot of hot women. And people in fancy cars. And people up with the latest fashion. And when you are cruising down the road and you see the Hollywood sign in the distance through the palm trees. Is this the truth or is this just how the movies portray it? I need answers. All serious answers.


Oops. I mean Los Angeles. Not lots Angeles.

Update 2:

I want my answers in english. Not gibberish.

Update 3:

What the bell. What does all of this crap answers mean.

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    Los Angeles is not all beaches and filled with actors/actresses you would like to believe. I used to believe L.A. was filled with glamour, joy, fame, famous actors, and all that, until I visited the city. The city is really huge, and has a county that can take several hours going from one city to another, but no matter what, it feels like it's part of L.A. There are quite a lot of neighborhoods and downtown areas that makes you remind of your own home city neighborhood depending where you live. You also need to own a car because public transportation isn't that quite easy due to the sprawl of suburban areas back in the 1950s. It is seldom muggy there, and the climate is hot and dry in the summer (often 70s at the beach, 80s downtown, 90s in the valleys, 100+ in the inland valleys like Palmdale. While it is not truly cold in the winter, it is also not hot all year either. Images you see of palm trees and tropical foliage are deceptive—all those plants are imported. In its natural state, LA has dry, greyish plant life in the summer. It is only naturally green in the winter.

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      I can't just visit it. I live in Washington state so it is like 2 states down from me. And I don't want to waste money on a plane ticket.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Only part of it.

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      What part? I wanna know.

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  • Linda
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    2 years ago

    I found it very little different from many other large cities I have been in.

    Nothing special. I found Seattle and San Francisco more interesting.

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      I'm sorry. Please be more clear. Is this true or is it just the movies? I am confused. Is it how I imagine? Please tell me. Other than that, thanks for the answers Linda.

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