Cricut Maker Questions?

Hi, sorry for the short headline. I just got The Cricut Maker (the newest model) and I have never used any cricut before, so I have some general questions!

I am a graphic designer for over 10 years now, so its not the designing and creating that I have issues with. I am more concerned with your personal experience using the iron on vinyls, the heating machine, and where you can purchase vinyl rolls for cheap or discounted rates than the craft stores?

Would you say that the iron on vinyls are good quality for clothing to sell? How many washes does it go through before it seems to bubble or chip off? I read complaints that it seems to ruin the clothes within a few washes, but then I see other people RAVING about it saying they work for ever. I'm so confused.

Does the iron on vinyl work on terry cloth? I want to make customized baby bibs for my newborn niece, but I don't want to waste materials if it doesn't work on terry cloth (towel material)

Is it worth it to get the heating machine too? Or is using an actual iron ok?

Where do you buy your materials for as cheap as possible? I searched Amazon, craft stores, cricuts website, etc and they all seem to be so pricey! Any advice there?

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  • drip
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    11 months ago
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    Check your sales and use coupons at hobby lobby, Jo Ann fabrics and Michael’s. Know the prices , then you will know if an online price is better.

    My sister has the new ironing press . She loves it, says it works very well. She has the original. I see now there are two other sizes out,

    I would not use it on terrycloth. Do a test spot. Just cut off a small piece of vinyl and iron itnon scrap terry.

    There are many blogs for circut

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago


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