NFL playoff?

Are 2 teams of AFC that will get playoff byes so that don't play wildcard round certain? According to the nfl standing, cCheifs is certain to get bye, but Patriots and Texans are same as 10-5. So will it be clear after both team play last 17 week's games?

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  • 12 months ago
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    The only team in either conference that has clinched a 1st round bye (meaning they'll be in one of the top 2 seeds in their conference no matter what happens this week), is the New Orleans saints who have clinched the #1 seed in the NFC

    On the AFC side the Chiefs and Patriots currently hold the top 2 spots. But the Chiefs are tied with the Chargers in their division (AFC West), so if the Chargers win and the Chiefs lose, then the Chargers would win the division and take the top seed and the Chiefs would fall to a wild card spot. The Patriots have clinched their division, but they're currently tied with the Texans so if the Texans win and the Patriots lose, then the Texans would get the bye and the Pats would fall to the 3rd seed which has to play on Wildcard Weekend.

    In the NFC the Saints have clinched the top seed. The Rams currently hold the 2nd seed, but if the Rams lose and the Bears win, then they would finish tied and the Bears own the tiebreaker, so the Bears would get the bye and the Rams would play on wildcard weekend.

  • Cory
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    12 months ago

    Yes. The Chiefs and Pats will both win this week so it is for certain.

  • y
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    12 months ago

    The chiefs are not even a certainty.

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