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Which popular music artist does everyone seem to like, except you?


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    The first person who comes to mind is Garth Brooks. His music has never appealed to me, but the man has sold a zillion records, remains as popular as ever, made a ton of money, and just had the first-ever concert at Notre Dame Stadium--one might say Garth Brooks won one for the Gipper. Even Touchdown Jesus had his arms in the air at the concert (see the pic below).

    I happen to like so many different types of music, including Country, but I never got into Garth Brooks' music. And, releasing a CD as Chris Gaines--needless to say, was a head-scratcher indeed that didn't help matters. The man's a crowd-pleaser, and I have never said anything bad about him or his music because he's a success. But, I still don't care for his music.

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  • 2 years ago

    Robbie Williams

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