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Camilla wasn’t with Charles and the rest of the royal family at church on Christmas. Where was she?

This is the 3rd royal event she’s recently missed. She was absent from Eugenie’a wedding. She was absent from the royal family Christmas luncheon at Buckingham Palace and now she was absent from the royal family’s traditional Christmas morning church service at Sandringham. The royal biographer Sally Beddell Smith said in a recent interview that tension is growing in the relationship between Camilla and Charles based largely on whether or not she will become Queen. It was also noted that Camilla lives separately from Charles in her own house.

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    She has rented out a small distillery somewhere in Scotland, she never wants to leave,

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      Many thanks!!!

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    Too drunk to attend the last few events.

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    The hag was likely too drunk to attend these events.

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    You posted this before. Why are you repeating it?

    Camilla is sick, according to the Palace. At her age, a heavy cold can have significant respiratory complications and requires careful watching and management. I'm surprised you're unaware of that.

    The author's name is Sally Bedell Smith, not "Sally Beddell Smith". As for her claims, I seriously doubt Camilla cares much about what she's called. Charles cares, but Camilla has never struck me as the type who would. By the way, she'll be queen consort regardless of what she's called. She is now, after all, the legal Princess of Wales because her husband is the Prince of Wales.

    No Charles and Camilla do not live separately. Charles helped her buy Ray Mill House before their marriage. It is where she can get away from royal life and see her children and grandchildren in a relaxed, non-royal environment. If I were in her position, I would want to do exactly that. She didn't grow up royal, unlike Charles. I've no doubt she really needs a break from time to time.

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