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What kind of animal is white, big, & looks like a cat, with a raccoon-looking face?

I saw an animal like that yesterday. It looks a little bigger than a 30-lb big cat, runs like a dog & has a raccoon-looking face with black swirls. It s big & white. I was very scared. If that IS a raccoon, I never knew they could be white. Do they bite or attack?

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    12 months ago
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    Look at this link. It shows white racoons. Some animals have mutations of the original color.

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      They're beautiful aten't they.

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    12 months ago

    Sorry that was just me

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    12 months ago

    Sounds like an albino or plain white raccoon, we have had severwl'over the past years in the area, we also have white and black squirrels which the majority here are grey. Very rare do we see red ones.

    Off color animals are rare and often mistaken for other animals, we once had a white tail buck, he was around an 8 point but still had his white fawn spots on him. He usually ate with and hung around livestock and loved the horses sweet feed the best. One year he hung around our bard during hunting season. We were sure the hunters would find him but he had an untimely demise with a semi one spring. Everyone swore he was a fawn with premature antlers but I know he was at least three years old.

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    12 months ago

    Where are you in the world and what time of day? Yes raccoons can be white. Raccoons are not going to pick a fight with you. Would you try to fight something 6+ times your size? The only time you'd have to worry is if you accidentally corner it. But, yes they are capable of biting and scratching fiercely in self defense.

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