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What do you think of the following namws?

NOT expecting

It would be helpful if people could comment on the name itself instead of just plain saying it is common.

If you find it common I would not mind if you put that but also comment on the names instead of just plain saying it is common.woukd be great.

Boy names


















































Riley for boy only.

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    2 years ago
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    Noah - to rest. It is a very soft and gentle sounding name.

    Andrew - I prefer Andre... I just don't like the drew part as it makes me think of drool.

    David - means beloved, but I think the actual Hebrew name is Yadid.

    Lucas - it's okay. It hasn't made it to my favorite's list.

    Tyler - it's pretty good. I like the short name Ty.

    Jacon - I'm not into this name at all.

    Thomas - I consider it a good name, but it's not a top favorite -- there are many names I would choose over it.

    Scott - it isn't bad, but my mom had a drunken old boyfriend who was a player who had this name, so I'm not keen on it based on some personal biases. I just don't like to honor people who I don't like, but you may know a good guy named Scott.

    Paul - it's a name that's just okay with me.

    Conner - the two words together in Hebrew etymology means establishes light. I personally like the name. Coniah means establishes is Yah

    River - I like the sound of it. It does remind me of actor River Phoenix who went by "Rio" the Spanish word for River.

    Nathan - means given or giver. Nathaniel - given/giver is God

    Bradley - Like the sound of it. The meaning is kind of plain ... broad meadow

    Aidan - close to Adon meaning Lord in Hebrew

    Matthew - I like Matteo and Matthias a bit more, as I find them more unique. It has a good meaning -- gift is Yah

    Justin - means Justice. To me it has the connotation of belonging to someone who is preppy, considering most of the guys I've met with this name were such. Not unappealing if that's what you're going for though.

    Jason - There was a good guy in the Bible named Jason

    Carlos - not overly used, so it's fine. Prefer it over Charles. Though I mostly like Carlo. Chuck Norris' birth name is Carlos Ray Norris.

    Edward - Ed means witness. see Joshua 22:34

    Kyle - it sounds okay. There is a Hebrew word Chayil which means soldier that I like, and this is very similar to Kyle.

    Alexander - means protector of mankind.. probably one of the best meanings out there if you like heroic names. As for short names it has various options: Lex, Xander, Alex...

    Vincent - same as Victor in it's meaning (as far I know)... victorious

    Ocean - I like it, but I don't know if everyone else will. So I can't tell you how well received it will be. I like some earthy names like Cloud, Clay, Winter, Neve (meaning snow), Haven, Alyssum

    Shane - means teeth in Hebrew. It sounds too close to the word Shame, and I prefer Shawn/Shaun over it.

    Eric (Erek, Arak, Arak) - in Hebrew it means "long wait." And since I despise long waits, I will pass. However Derek has a better meaning (the way/the path/the road) in Hebrew

    Patrick - I like Rick and Ricky, just not the Pat part of the name. I also don't like Patty and Pat.

    Riley - I like it.

    Chase - I like it.

    Joshua - Yah is Savior. This name is actual closer to Yahshua/Yehoshua in Hebrew, which is the name of Jesus.

    Owen - just not my style.

    Ezra - means help. The longer forms are Azrael (help God), Azariah (help is Yah), Ebenezer (stone/rock of help)

    Asa - some would pronounce it Ay-sah, but I think it is Aw-sah. It means healer, physician, or doctor. The person named Asa in the Bible was a good guy.


    Catherine - sounds regal.

    Simone - pretty good, and I don't really hear this name a lot.

    Abigail - has a good meaning .... Father is Joy. I like the short name Abby

    Deborah - some say it means bee, but it is also similar to Debarim and Debar means words and speech. She was a good person in the Bible.

    Rose - fine, very simple sounding. I might pick Rosalie or Rosalia, just to get it a bit more flair.

    Grace - good. The meaning is very evident

    Alexandria - it doesn't sound bad, but Alexandria was once the capital of Egypt and center for gnostic teachings, which I'm not a fan of.

    Amy - Ami and Am have to do with "people" in Hebrew. Amiel means people of God. Eliam means God of my people. Liam - my people.

    Stephanie - like Steven/Stephen has to do with "crown." It just sounds kind of 80's to me.... like Tiffany or Courtney.

    Michelle - similar to Hebrew Mashal meaning to govern or rule

    Christine - fine, but I prefer Krista or Kristen, but it's just personal preference

    Layla - like Leila meaning "night" in Hebrew

    Sophia and Sophie - reminds me of Sopapilla - a dessert that is common in some Mexican restaurants in Texas... it's like a fried bread with honey. But Sophia is also popular as a "goddess" of wisdom, and I try to avoid gnosticism.

    Heather - a very soft sounding name... I think of a feather. Though it used to be quite popular, it is more unique now I think or less common than it once was.

    Kelly - it's okay

    And Tomalochk ... whatever your name is, if you see this post, don't gripe about it, like you do on the rest of my posts :(

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  • 2 years ago

    The only one of the boy names I wouldn't use for sure would be Ocean. Just too odd a name which would invite comment all his life.

    The only one of the girl names I really don't like is Layla.

    I like Kelly quite a bit, and it's not a common name anymore.

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  • 2 years ago

    Noah- it's nice. been hearing it more often lately, but don't think it's fully hit mainstream yet

    Andrew- my brother's name, we call him Andy

    David- decent enough, but rather bland

    Lucas- Love this name. would have used it for my own if my brother hadn't named his son this

    Tyler- a little over used

    Jacon- does that rhyme with Bacon? then no, just no. If you mean Jason/Jacen/Jayson or any other variant, I like it, But prefer Jace/Jase/Jayce

    Thomas- the train! please don't

    Scott- Always seemed unfinished to me. And has a boring meaning

    Paul- Don't like. it just kinda... sits there? Nothing special

    Conner- it's ok. don't know if it's because is Christmas eve, but all I can think of is it reminds me of Santa's reindeer Donner

    River- Should be a girl's name

    Nathan- Too common. I could list 5 Nates I know off the top of my head

    Bradley- a bit old fashioned, and not the 'cool old name, lets renew it' kind

    Aidan- can we please stop with the Aiden/Jaiden/Caden/Brayden/Raidon/Hayden already? The craze can stop now.

    Matthew- strong, if common name. Not fond of the nn Matt though

    Justin- it's ok not one of my favorites too easy to tease, just one letter changes it to a girls name

    Jason- I really like this name, but prefer the shortened version Jace

    Carlos- Not being Hispanic myself, I wouldn't use it. It's one of those names that feels like it cannot cross cultural lines

    Edwars- I'm going to guess you meant Edward. Don't really like it and are you really looking to call your kid Ed?

    Kyle- Always thought it was an awkward name to wrap your mouth around

    Alexander- Good, strong name Means 'defender of man'

    Vincwnt- Um, Vincent? that'd be a no. it's not a nice name. Sounds like a villain's name, honestly

    Ocean- what? NO

    Shane- ok name. Kind of lackluster

    Eric- Nope. Little Mermaid anyone?

    Patrick- Unless you plan to call him Rick, I'd stay away from this one.

    Riley- Girl's name

    Chase-It's ok, but it's also my neighbor's dog's name

    Joshua- It's alright, feels a bit old though

    Owen- Like it, not widely used

    Ezra- Cousin just named her baby this, took me a while to get used to, but now it really fits him

    Asa- Not sure about this one. I know the sweetest little boy named this, but I'm not really a fan


    Catherine- name used by monarchs, so there is some staying power. So , Katie or Kathy?

    Simone- Ugly

    Abigail- old lady

    Deborah- old lady

    Rose- Old

    Grace- don't like

    Alexandria- sounds grand and powerful

    Amy- too.. Short? abrupt?

    Stephanie- 80's girl

    Michelle- had a friend named this, called her Shell-la-la. Common

    Christine- common name , reminds me of phantom of the opera

    Layla- it's pretty, but also a bit slutty

    Sophia- grand name, also don't mind the nn

    Sophie- see above

    Heather- a bit dated and there are so many better flower/plant names out there

    Kelly- name of my first family dog. So that's all I can think of with this name

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  • Hailee
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    2 years ago

    I really like

    Boys: Noah, Conner, Nathan, Aiden, Riley, Chase, Owen

    Girls: Grace, Layla, Sophia, Catherine

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    To me all of the names you listed are common and boring I would not use any of them to name my child.

    Source(s): To your comment twit; BECAUSE YOU FKIN. ASKED.!!! You bore!!!!
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    • blank
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      If you read it then you would know I do not mind people saying that the names are common but I wanted comments about the name itself too.

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