why does gumbo take so long to make from scratch?

i cant make gumbo from sratch too often only special occassions cause im in the kitchen till 2 am cooking. all the slicing up onions and bell peppers fixing the roux i would rather just buy the frozen ready to eat gumbo dinners from zatarans taste the same


it takes me over an hour to chop all of my veggies lol i don't know what im doing wrong, i need to just go ahead and invest in a food processor

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  • Linda
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    12 months ago
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    Because making anything, from scratch, ALWAYS takes longer and tastes better.

  • 12 months ago

    If your gumbo takes that long to cook at ends up tasting like a box dinner. Don't make it anymore.

  • Dimo
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    12 months ago

    " ... from zatarans taste the same.... "

    -- eew! I must cook from scratch *because* the commercial crap taste different.

    " ... takes me over an hour to chop all of my veggies.... "

    -- depends on how much veggies, and how picky you are about your chopping. Professional cooks *must* chop quickly. I am slower, but is chopped very exactly. When I make Ratatouille it takes me about an hour to *thin* slice two zucchini, eggplant diced in 1/2" (not 3/8" or 5/8") cubes, *very thin* slice onion, bell pepper in 3/4" pieces, mushroom caps (no stems) also thin sliced, and a pound of roma tomato 1/8" slices.

    I don't do gumbo, but my Jambalaya takes over 30 minutes to slice/chop the sausage/ham/onion/pepper and 75 minutes to cook. My most time recipe is my beef stew, about 4.5 hours cooking time. Slow cooking has the best flavors. I'm having steaks today, about 8 minutes to cook. The baked potato will be served with sauteed onion/butter/sour cream. It takes 45 minutes to saute the onions -- slowly, perfect, nothing burnt. Hey! I'm retired and picky.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    To feed just a few people, no. To feed 25 or more, yes, as there are a Lot of ingredients in a good Gumbo.

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  • 12 months ago

    You just told us why it takes so long, so why are you asking why it takes so long?

  • 12 months ago

    it doesn't. Chopping veggies takes no more than 15 minutes...ditto making a roux.

    what the heck are you doing till 2 a.m. anyway?

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