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What's wrong with this girl ?

My boyfriend's sister is obsessed with me I don't know if she has a crush on me or if it's some weird obsession or if it's because I'm dating her brother. Every time she feels sad she always comes to me for a hug she went through a really bad break up I gave her a hug let her cry on me I think that was a bad idea I'm gay I only like guys I hope she's not crushing on me. She won't leave me alone. What's wrong with her ? What should I do about her ?

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    You're a guy who is nice to her. That doesn't happen often to teen girls. She may or may not have a crush- but she knows you're dating her brother. It sounds like she doesn't have anyone else who gives her a hug when she's upset.

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    I would guess that you are a very attractive young man and your looks turn her on.

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    You have to know that many if not most young women think they can change a gay man's preference. In fact women think they can "change their man" into what they want him to be. I'm guessing sis thinks she can flip you into a straight with her charms etc.

    Or, another thought, perhaps she's clinging to you because you are gay. And therefore you are not a threat to her. Perhaps she's weary of men coming onto her all the time and you're a welcome relief from that.

    Can't really guess "what's wrong with her" without knowing her. But the two guesses above seem plausible. You would know better which of the two option, if any, would be most likely.

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