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Girl/unisex names?

I’ve been thinking about changing my name for a long time and I just haven’t came across the right one, I’m looking for names that mean warrior/fighter/powerful/head-strong etc. So if you know a name like that, please comment.

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    Andrina: One who is brave/warrior

    Ailith: Seasoned warrior

    Camilla: Name of a warrior maiden

    Earla: Noblewoman, princess, warrior

    Eloise: Famous warrior

    Lois: Superior, famous warrior

    Louise: Famous warrior

    Maeve: Intoxicating, legendary warrior queen

    Maia: Brave warrior

    Serilda: Armed warrior woman

    Sloane: Man at arms, warrior

    Xenia: Quest

    Briana: The feminine version of the name Brian and means “Strong, virtuous and honourable.”

    Valerie: This Latin name means both “Strong” and “brave.”

    Matilda: This name has German roots and means “might,” “power” or “battle.”

    Bree: Meaning “Strength or an exalted one”.

    Valencia: A Spanish place name, which also means “Brave and strong.”

    Bridget: “Strength or exalted one.”

    Luana: With German origin, Luana means “graceful battle maiden.”

    Marcella: An Italian name meaning “warlike, martial and strong.”

    Kayleigh: Has English origins and means “keeper of the keys, pure.”

    Elda: In Italian Elda means: “warrior.”

    Audrey: Traditional English name meaning “noble and strength.”

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    Riley: Valiant

    Dustin: A Brave Warrior

    Emerson: Brave and Powerful

    Braelyn: Strength

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    Neo means Warrior

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