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Thailand Sex Tourism?

Why does Thailand promote sex tourism instead of finding other ways to create income for their people?

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    Thailand as a country does not support it but it does turn the other cheek to what is happening. The country has a lot of poor people, especially in the North and Northeast. Most families make less than 2,000 baht a month ($60). A girl can make half that much a night in a tourist area. Most of these girls help there family back home and many have kids that the parents are taken care of.

    Tourism is a very big part of the economy and they don't want to lose it. It a case of damn if you do and damn if you don't.

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    Check out this website

    • Harry7 months agoReport

      Pattaya is meant to be the capital for men who want to move overseas for sex, but so many men are drunk all time in pattaya

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    Why not promote it? Two people willingly doing something they want to do.

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    Thailand has the largest wealth inequaty of any Country in Asia. So more rich or poor. It is not a poor Nation. Just the poor mass. have no money. Sex tourism is looked down on far more there today than 10 years ago. Do to AIDS, Other problems with it. Sex tourism does have a cost to Countries. So today prices have gone way up. More citys are becoming duel use for tourist. If there. & you know how to ask. Hard to find. Find the back market to buy at. These set in burned out or abandoned lots. There you can buy many things very cheap. Wear or pack your older cloths from home going there. Buy all new there. Trow your old rags away is my advice when you go there. This is not the night market they pawn of on tourist. I mean the back ally markets. Some might say the black market areas.

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    Thailand's economy runs on prostitution and drugs. The King lives with a ladyboy.

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    Thailand doesn't actually promote it. They just don't fight it. There is a difference.

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    Because the market bears it. Sadly though, there are over 1 million hookers with HIV or aids in that country.

  • Anonymous
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