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why were people so obsessed with the O.J. Simpson trial during 1995? what made it so interesting?

and even today it still resonates in popularity? people still want to know what the people who were involved in the trial are doing today and see them even today on Oprah or whichever news station/show talking about the trial and how THEIR lives have changed? (Such as Marcia Clark or Chris Dardon, Kato Kaelin etc) is like they were all stars in one of the MOST POPULAR MOVIES EVER? WHY?

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    OJ Simpson was a Star with a capital S, a good looking black man who had risen from poverty to become the poster boy for black equality and racisl inclusion. He was one of the greatest running backs of all time, a successful actor and the first black spokesperson for a major national advertiser. People of all races admired his accomplishments. It would scarcely have been more astonishing if Joe Montana or George Bush had done it.

    Now add the whole Rodney King disgrace to the mix, where the LAPD had demonstrated inherent racist bias and fueled black suspicion of their inpartiality, which Simpson and his defence team used to advantage, along with constant hysterical coverage from all the media networks.

    This was the birth of reality TV. How many morons follow the Kardashians and their every move? The OJ Simpson trial was the birth of an entire genre.

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    It was a sensationalized case from the beginning and only made moreso by the infamous 'low speed chase', and the words 'White Bronco' became part of the national dialogue for a time. The trial itself, being televised into every home in the country (and in many places around the world) made household names out of numerous participants. Most people knew who OJ Simpson was and had heard, at least, of F. Lee Bailey, but not Johnny Cochrane or Robert Shapiro or Robert Kardashian or Barry Scheck, or the judge, Lance Ito, along with the others you mentioned, and more. The bloody glove, 'if it doesn't fit, you must acquit,' the Bruno Magli boots Simpson wore...all became a part of American folklore. The verdict was and remains one of the most controversial in American jurisprudence. You couldn't be a living, breathing adult and not be aware of this case.

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    People weren't obsessed, they were forced to watch. 1995 was the 1st year for 24 hour cable news, CNN, and CourtTV. Having not enough programming yet to fill 24 hours (they wouldn't till about 3 years later), they showed the OJ trial 24 hours a day, 5 days a week and then recapped the whole thing on weekends!

    Because the big new cable players of 1995 also owned newspapers/ magazines, TV stations, they put it on their too. In the US you couldn't get away from the OJ circus (no net flix, amazon, pay per view, etc.) unless you put a bag over your head. Most Americans addicted to TV as they were (are) just put up with it and watched the show. The whole thing was a bid by the new cable giants just starting, to boost their profits and compete with each other those early years.

    Believe me if you had to live through it like I did, normal people were not obsessed and hated it.

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    I don't think they were nearly as obsessed as you seem to be.

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  • Anonymous
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    Because he was famous

  • Verity
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    Because OJ was everyone's favorite athlete/star at the time. No one could believe that this good-looking

    star of films, commercials and the gridiron could do something so awful.

    Imagine Mr. Rogers as a serial killer----same idea.

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