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How can Giuliani be almost done with a rebuttal report that on a Mueller report that isn’t done yet?

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    I suspect it will be a list of Trump's conspiracy theories, dragging in Hillary, the Steele dossier, Obama wire tapping Trump tower and anything else they think will muddy the waters.

    Trump and his allies repeatedly claim, falsely, that the unverified intelligence tidbits contained in Steele’s report were the basis of the FBI investigation into Trump. But that probe began in the summer of 2016 based on tips from Western European intelligence agencies reporting that Russian operatives appeared to be in contact with Trump’s presidential campaign.

    Attempting to discredit the people and the process behind the investigation rather than its findings, has been fodder for the Fox News shows that Trump watches religiously and for House intelligence committee Republicans since the investigation became public a year and a half ago.

    Last night on Fox News they had an "expert" who was claiming that even if all the allegations against Trump of colluding with Russia are true, he would not have done anything wrong.

    I suspect responses to the allegations will be very thin on the ground.

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    Donnie told him which crimes he is guilty of. That is why Rudy Julie Annie's report is taking so long. That's a lot of crime.

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    Did you ever read “Through the Looking-Glass”?

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Because the Mueller report is flawed

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