Did Christianity in the USA resist the Paris Climate accord and so reduce the likelihood of rioting France in going through? Did God do it?

Update: *is going through?
Update 2: We Christians are sometimes called stupid, but the only people rioting in the streets are Leftist Democrats who still aren't over the 2016 elections.
Update 3: I give God the credit for the thinking we do as Christians. Jesus said we are the salt of the earth. It means we preserve the peace and order on Earth.
Update 4: Climate Change is a Leftist elite game. The EEU and the Climate Change hysteria are Leftist artifices. Rich Leftist creations that don't care about environment or freedom for the common person.
Update 5: Chelle, Disagreeing with you don't make a person a bigot. You sound like a Leftist.
Update 6: Jim V,
I agree. Obama strengthened the enemies of the West, and Hillary was going to send us into socialism/communism with a one party system. She needed to lose. Thank God.
Update 7: Donald Trump is a Christian
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