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Tips on flirting ?

I’m going to a party tomorrow and the guy I like is going to be there. I don’t have his number so I’m only able to try to flirt whenever I see him and I think I’m kind of awkward. Like with anyone somedays he’s more talkative with me and he tries a little more and others I may not get a second look. I think he’s at least attracted to me too. I’m going to try to look my best but I think I’m psyching myself out and thinking about it a little too much. I don’t want to try and force anything or push him away or make him uncomfortable but I’d really like to just get to know him. I’m drawn to him and I love his sense of humor and his laugh and he has a really cute smile. Ahghhghh i suck at this

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    Well, you sure what to try and not think about it. Even if you are goofy and akward or still might be cute:)

    But, if you do think about it...well, crank the flirt up to 11. Don't just stand there...touch him...bump into him..tap him and so forth. Don't ''try'' and do anything..just do what feels good.

    1.Stand like one step too close to if you or he movies you will bump

    2.Lean against him, with your body or just your head

    3.Touch his arm and lot

    4.Without head butting, keep your face by his

    5.Keep your eyes on him

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    Give him your phone number

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