Tapping in Ceiling. Would just running fan without AC create condensation? Would running fan to dry ceiling create trouble?

I live on the first floor of a three-floor condimium building. About a month ago, I had water dripping from my ceiling. Although the drain for AC was in this area or close to it, I had not been using the AC for a couple of months.

Although I have had issues with my AC in the past, the contractor suggested that, based on the stains in the ceiling, there might be something going on with another condo or common area..

The contractor informed the office for me, but this is a big complex, so it might be a while before their people get to me..

The tapping in ceiling either stopped for the most part or slowed down for a while to where I would rarely notice it. Then Tuesday night(12/04) , it started to noticeably drip consistently again.

I used just the fan from AC in hopes to dry my ceiling, which seemed to help. Since I continued hearing the dripping, I would keep the fan on for long periods.

The office has been informed again, but I have not received a response.

I finally decide to turn off the fan and see what happens for a while. The time between drips has increased.

Would just using the fan for long periods create condensation?

Using the fan seems to keep water from dripping through my ceiling, but would doing it for long periods of time create trouble? Any other suggestions? Forgive me, I know nothing about these things.

Just a reminder: I have not used cooling or heating over the past 2-3 months. I don t know how much of it getting colder here off and on makes a difference.

Thank you!


Your feedback actually turned out to help me challenge management's assumption that it was a clogged drain from my AC, and the blower was just pushing water around making things worse. They sent maintenance over, and found it wet around the where the toilet above was. Supposedly, the tenant forgot to report the leak. Thank you again for all the great feedback!

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    Fan w/o AC causing condensation: nope. That won't cause condensation.

    What kind of fan are you talking about? A ceiling fan can be left on 24/7, no problem. The blower on your central H/A (if you have that) is also okay to leave on full time.

    Whoops, I see you clarified that it's the central blower. Okay, that's fine. If you have a ceiling fan in there that won't hurt either.

    The tapping in your ceiling, does it sound like it's in the same place as where the drip forms? If so, that sounds like the tapping is a water source somewhere above your ceiling, dripping onto the upper surface of your finished ceiling. I would be kind of surprised to hear that there wasn't insulation between your unit and the one above, if only for noise attenuation but you never know - builders cut costs and pocket the savings and you wind up left with subpar construction.

    It sounds to me like, at the very least, the part of your ceiling where the drip happens is going to have to be opened just to determine what the source is. If the maintenance department doesn't get on it soon, you might want to ask the central office - go there in person - and ask about hiring a contractor, and either subtracting that bill from your condo fees, or sending the bill directly to the maintenance department. THAT usually gets results.

    Good luck with it.

    • Margie1 year agoReport

      I have heard from people doing repairs that the builders did do some strange stuff here. There is more than one spot that has been wet, but one spot is near where I now keep hearing the drips. Your suggestion on what to try if they don't get on it soon is a great one to remember.

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    its not your ac..otherwise it would be more consistent with your times

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    just running the fan can evaporate water, yes. plainly, there's a water leak of unknown variety somewhere up above you. This is for management to find and repair ... call them ... repeat as necessary -- i'd say every other day

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