Fish tank PH level.?

So my PH level in my tank is a 7.4-7.6 the PH for my tap is an 8.8 and after letting it sit out it lowered to an 8.2 but once in my aquarium it drops to as I said a 7.4-7.6, is there anything I can do to stabilize these fluctuations? I let the water sit in a bucket for 48 hours.

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago
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    If the tank pH is stable, you're fine with most fish.

    What you do depends on the fish you keep.

    Aging the water like you do is great, try aerating it too with a small water pump, or air pump.

    If you think the tank pH is too low, do more regular partial water changes.

    If you'd like to improve the tap water, use a reverse osmosis filter for some of your water change water; that will help.

    Never do large water changes or shift the pH suddenly and you should be ok.

    Note: 8.8 seems ridiculously high, double check with a different test. Just to be sure. 8.2 is high, but normal where I live.

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  • Louis
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    1 year ago

    well 7.5 is a much better ph for most tropical fish than 8.2 so i wouldnt worry about it. PH fluctuations are almost impossible to control in my experience. My problem is I can't get my tap water (around 8) down into the normal ranges. Tried all kinds of treatment but the tank always ended up reverting back to 8. In my experience, its best just to let the ph be what it is as long as it isnt too acidic. You end up causing more harm trying to change it.

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