Im 6’1 but my friend is 6’2. How do i grow to 7’0?

I used to be taller than him but he passed me up somehow (probably by taking pills)

So if he wants to play dirty then I’ll play along

What pill could he have possibly taken? He denies ever taking any pills, but thats the only way he could’ve gotten taller than me so I don’t believe him

If he really didn’t take any pills then he did something else to enhance his height.

Whats a good method i could do to pass him back up? Because it eats at me everyday no longer being the tallest out of my friends

Im the oldest so I deserve to be the tallest

2 Answers

  • 2 years ago

    Taking pills will NOT make a person any taller. People grow at different rates, and sometimes males don't get their adult height until in their early 20's or so. GENETICS dictate how tall a person will be. End of story. A person who is over 6 feet tall is already over average. What in the heck are you complaining about? You may want to be 7 feet tall, and maybe you will be if it's in your genes, but larger and taller people can end up having more difficulties than what you might think. Buying properly fitting clothing is one of those things, not to mention the kind of vehicle they drive to how high door entrances are in a building/home/house.

    Be happy with the body God has bless you with. You are one of a kind and unique, whether you're under 4 feet tall or over 7 feet tall. Your overall health comes first, not your height.

  • 2 years ago

    That isn't a real thing. You will probably be seeing growth hormones or pills as targeted adverts online and you need to know that they are fake.

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