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What are somebody's intentions if they done you so wrong. And all of a sudden they want to come off friendly. Im not fake so i dont get it?

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  • Galen
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    12 months ago
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    They have some sort of goal or plan involving you, they are not actually interested in becoming your legitimate friend. There is likely something they are either attempting to gain, or attempting to destroy.

    For instance, it might be a sexual desire for you or they might be trying to get to a friend or family member of yours for a similar reason, it's difficult to tell. Either way, do not trust this person. They don't want to be your real friends, there is a goal somewhere they need to achieve, and it might be against your favor.

    If they're after a friend or family member of yours, it is because they desire them in some fashion and in order to get that person to like them, they must first get that person's supporters to like them. It might not be anything relating that, but no matter what, it's still some sort of plan, and they're still looking to gain something.

    • jonathan g12 months agoReport

      Thank you for your input. I will have my guard up. I appreciate your insight. Have a great day.

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