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What toy breed would you recommend as a healthier alternative to the Pug or French Bulldog?

My friend really likes Pugs and Frenchies and she's considering getting one, but I don't think she has the money to deal with all of the health issues those two breeds are notorious for.

What toy breed would you recommend as a healthier alternative to those two breeds? I was thinking of an Alaskan Klee Kai, but I would like to hear your suggestions.

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    I would agree regarding the health of the pug and the Frenchie for sure.

    I would say possibly a Papillon ...

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    AKK are terribly expensive. Not even close to those breeds. I was going to say a 13" Beagle

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      Gulp - these smaller Beagles, which we don't have as a recognised breed in the UK - they come in one size - are anything BUT a Toy Breed. They might be small but they are still HOUNDS with everything that goes with living with one.

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    An animal from a responsible breeder would not have health issues.

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    You may be right, but you are also being a BUSY BODY and few people appreciate that. How exactly, do you plan to phrase this to your friend- that (in YOUR OPINION) she doesn't have the MONEY to pay for or cover all the likely health problems - with the breeds she prefers? Therefore, YOU have other suggestions? And the breed YOU have chosen is such a lousy opposite.

    Well, you do not know (nor do we) what MOTIVATED HER to pick those breeds. So how can we make reasonable suggestions. The AKK is a feral very independent, highly energetic dog (basically a small Husky) and extremely hard to get. They are pretty much the EXACT OPPOSITE of Frenchies or Pugs in temperament, trainability, energy level and coat, and are NOT suited to an apartment AT ALL! They are NOT AKC registered.

    The AKK does have health problems; had you BOTHERED to do ANY research. Every breed has some. Current health concerns with this breed are: Thyroid Disease, Autoimmune Thyroditis, FVII Deficiency, juvenile cataracts, liver disease, pyometra, patellar luxation, cryptorchidism, and cardiac issues. Other health concerns that the breed may suffer from have yet to be discovered because of the breed's relatively young age and small gene pool.

    Responsible Alaskan Klee Kai breeders have their dogs health tested and registered with OFA for cardiac, patellar, and thyroid issues. They are now accepted by CHIC if they have passed their OFA exams and eye exam by CERF.

    My advice is to BUTT OUT, unless asked for help or suggestions.

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    All breeds have health issues that they are prone to...

    Buying from a reputable breed who does genetic health testing, researches the pedigree and breeds away from those issues is the best bet.

    I doubt she is going to want an AKK... They are a spitz type dog and are very active. The breed wouldnt be an "alternative" to a pug or a frenchie.

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