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Female travelling solo to Brazil?

I’m planning on visiting Rio around July/August next year, and most likely I’ll be going as a solo traveler. I’m super excited but I do not know much about it. What are some areas to visit? To avoid? Attractions to see? When is the carnival and any tips in general and places to stay and how long should I stay? how to budget etc? Also, how do I get around and I want to be safe and avoid anything crazy happening as I’ll be 19 when I go.

Anything will be great but I want to plan this out carefully so it goes great!

(I’ve travelled solo before to other countries, but I’ve never been to South America so I want to explore it)

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    Rio has a very high crime rate because of the desperate poverty of so many people. The crime mostly consists of theft and robberies- not violent crime, but you do need to be careful. Other parts of Brazil are much safer- like Fortaleza in the north. If you want to explore South America, you might do better to start with Argentina and Peru.

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    Smallcities and medium cities are safe . Big city as so know can be dangerous.

    Paris is dangerous place.

    Belgium more dangerous.

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    Safer than Pakistan

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    Tá um calor aqui agora que você nem imagina

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    Big cities, such as Rio, are very dangerous. Carnival (farewell to meat for Lent) is near Easter. Very big country. Tons to see depending upon your interests.

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