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blank asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 1 year ago

What do you think of each of the following names?

Please rate and/or comment on each please.

I am not expecting,just gathering general opinions.













3 Answers

  • 1 year ago

    Nathan 7

    Ethan 4

    Seth 3

    Andrew 8

    Jason 5

    Alexander 9

    Catherine 4

    Elizabeth 2

    Josephine 6

    Victoria 1

    Francesca 1

    Rebecca 2

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  • 1 year ago

    Nathan -- 8/10

    Ethan -- 9/10

    Seth -- 7/10 -- that awkward guy

    Andrew -- 9/10

    Jason -- 8/10

    Alexander -- 10/10

    Catherine -- 10/10 -- so many nicknames

    Elizabeth -- 10/10 -- so many nicknames

    Josephine -- 4/10

    Victoria -- 7/10 -- but Vicky is icky as a nickname

    Francesca -- 6/10 -- nn Francie, Fancy, Chesa, Esca

    Rebecca -- 9/10

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  • KatieC
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    1 year ago

    Nathan- reminds me of One Tree Hill

    Ethan- every Ethan that I have ever encountered has been “the awkward guy.”

    Seth- I love this name. It was actually in our top 3 before we found out I was having a girl.

    Andrew- I like it, but everyone will call him Drew...not a fan.

    Jason- Power Rangers

    Alexander- my husband’s middle name. I like it. It’s funny, though. I know 3 Alexanders, and all of them go by their middle names.

    Catherine- my name spelled with a “c.” It’s a good one. Mine is always shortened to Katie or Kate.

    Elizabeth- ehhh. I feel like this one is too common.

    Josephine- I actually fought hard for this one with my daughter. I wanted her to be named after Jo from Little Women. I also loved the song Come Josephine in my Flying Machine.

    Victoria- I like it, but like with Andrew, every Victoria I know is shortened to Tori...which I don’t like.

    Francesca- very pretty..but yet again..she will be called Franny which is terrible.

    Rebecca- I like it if it becomes Becca..not Becky.

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