Is 128 gb ssd enough?

I was originally going to put a 32gb ssd for os windows 10 but I realized that it was way to low. I dug more into my pc and realized it used over 60gb for os. I went online and bought a 128gb ssd instead. I already have a 2tb and a 500gb hdd. If I put the os and a couple of programs like office, iTunes and others on there and put my pics, movies and games on the other hdd’s will 128 gb ssd be enough to use for 64bit windows 10?

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  • Adrian
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    2 years ago
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    128GB SSD is "just enough" for Windows and a few programs. Install most programs on the HDD if you can, the difference in loading programs will be not too significant. Most people can wait an extra second or two for a program to load.

    You have to be sure to set all apps that do downloads to save the downloads to the HDD, not the SSD. Downloads are very slow compared to disks, even HDD, so saving downloads to the HDD makes a lot of sense. You can move things around later if you wish...

    I usually recommend a 256GB SSD for Windows, since Windows itself will eat up disk space with every update. This is because Windows keeps all old files replaced by updates in hidden compressed folders. With enough updates, your disk will fill up eventually... 128GB will do ok as long as you manage the downloads and storage of large files onto the HDD.

  • Lv 7
    2 years ago

    i use a 128GB myself, and have it loaded down, and it still has 10GB free.

    128 should be fine for you.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Yes, it should be enough for Windows with Microsoft Office and iTunes, but not much more. I would recommend using cloud storage such as OneDrive for all your further storage needs. Office 365 comes with one terabyte of OneDrive storage as well as the latest version of all the Microsoft Office programs.

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