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What do you think of the following names?

Not expecting

We are gathering opinions.

Elizabeth and Jason must stay as the middle names.

Looking for rating and/or ranking and/or opinions.


Catherine Elizabeth

Christine Elizabeth

Ava Elizabeth

Sophia Elizabeth

Sophie Elizabeth

Jasmine Elizabeth


Gabriel Jason

Andrew Jason

Evan Jason

Kyle Jason

Christopher Jason

Benjamin Jason

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago
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    Christine Elizabeth is the best of the girl options. Sophia Elizabeth is second.

    Andrew Jason and Christopher Jason are the best of the boy options. I like them because they can be called "A.J." and "C.J." But "G.J.", "E.J.", and especially "B.J.." aren't so good.

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Catherine Elizabeth: sounds too royal . Elizabeth is too common Catherine is nice spelled this way but again common. 7/10

    Christine Elizabeth: the whole name flows nice enough. Same comment on Elizabeth as above. 6/10

    Ava Elizabeth : love Ava but I don't like how it sounds together because of two vowels at the beginning of the names

    Sophia Elizabeth: way too common kinda boring 0/10

    Sophie Elizabeth: same as above 0/10

    Jasmine: Jasmine is very nice. Love jazzy as a nickname 8/10

    Gabriel Jason : : I really love Gabriel. The flow isn't great but Gabriel is an outstanding name 9/10

    Andrew Jason: decent name. Quite common but I love Drew alot. 8/10

    Evan Jason: Evan is another fav of mine although I don't like both names ending in N 7/10

    Kyle Jason : very nice. Nice flow 8/10

    Christopher Jason : I really like this . Very handsome 9/10

    Benjamin Jason : the 2 Js and the ending Ns keep this from having a decent flow 6/10

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  • 1 year ago

    Catherine and Christine both flow well with a middle name of Elizabeth. For the male names, Andrew and Christopher sound good with Jason. Benjamin Jason is fun with the J’s in both names. Think about the syllables and how the names flow together. Too wordy and it’ll just be a mouthful. Matching sounds at the end of the first name and the beginning of the middle, like Sophie Elizabeth, also catch in our mouth and can be a tongue twister.

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