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Can you name your favorite movie with the following actors?

Al Pacino

Richard Pryor

Robert De Niro

Mel Gibson

Kevin Costner

Denzel Washington

Leonardo DiCaprio

Will Smith

Nicolas Cage

Tom Hanks

Mine are:

Al Pacino - Dog Day Afternoon

Richard Pryor - Stir Crazy

Robert De Niro - Midnight Run

Mel Gibson - We Were Soldiers

Kevin Costner - Dances with Wolves

Denzel Washington - The Pelican Brief

Leonardo DiCaprio - Gangs of New York

Will Smith - Men in Black

Nicolas Cage - Raising Arizona

Tom Hanks - Big

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    Al Pacino-Dog Day Afternoon

    Richard Pryor-Which Way Is Up?

    Robert De Niro-Cape Fear

    Mel Gibson-The Road Warrior

    Kevin Costner-Waterworld

    Denzel Washington-Remember The Titans

    Leonardo DiCaprio-Shutter Island

    Will Smith-Men In Black

    Nicholas Cage-The Rock

    Tom Hanks-Saving Private Ryan

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    In her groove .

    Its a lesbian porn movie.

    Actors = Casie Laine , Shylla Jennings .

  • 2 years ago

    Midnight Run Mel Gibson

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    these are good ones

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Al Pacino - Scarface

    Richard Pryor - The Mack

    Robert De Niro - Casino

    Mel Gibson - Ransom

    Kevin Costner - Dances With Wolves

    Denzel Washington - Fallen

    Leonardo DiCaprio - Wolf Of Wallstreet

    Will Smith - Enemy Of The State

    Nicolas Cage - ConAir The Rock & Face/Off

    Tom Hanks - Saving Private Ryan

  • polly
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    2 years ago

    Al Pacino-Heat

    Richard Pryor-See no evil,hear no evil

    Robert Deniro-Jackie Brown

    Mel Gibson-Signs

    Kevin Costner-The postman

    Denzel Washington-The book of Eli

    Leonardo Dicaprio-Revenant

    Will Smith-l am legend

    Nicholas Cage-Captain Correlli's mandolin

    Tom Hanks-Cast away

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Al Pacino-Serpico 2. Pryor-Bustin Loose 3. De Niro-Awakenings 4. Gibson-Forever Young 5. Costner-Dances with Wolves 6. Washington-Philadelphia 7. DiCarprio-8. Smith-Hancock 9. Cage-The Family Man 10. Hanks-Philadelphia

  • Chloe
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    2 years ago

    Al Pacino - Scarface obviously

    Richard Pryor - literally who?

    Robert De Niro - Casino

    Mel Gibson - All of em he's a legend

    Kevin Costner - who?

    Denzel Washington - The Master Debaters

    Leonardo DiCaprio - The one where he had autism.

    Will Smith - Men In Black

    Nicolas Cage - National treasure because he's a national treasure.

    Tom Hanks - Forrest Gump

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