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Arduino vs Raspberri advice?

Hi guys,

for a project we have to build a suit with a built-in heart sensor. The suit should also give visual feedback in the form of e.g. an LED strip. (e.g. red when the heartbeat is too high or too low). Optional maybe a temperature sensor.

I was wondering which board would be most suitable for this simple task, We have our eyes set on Arduino but we have no experience with neither of them and would like to avoid getting boxed in a corner later on.

The plans are for : Arduino board, tiny small LCD screen, heart rate sensor, Led colored strip. (optional a temp sensor).

Are these too many tasks for an Arduino board? Thanks already.

1 Answer

  • 2 years ago

    I think Arduino is the way to go here. The Raspberry Pi runs Linux, and is designed more for complex computing tasks. The Pi's breakout interface is clunky, and running a full Linux environment just to execute a simple script is a waste.

    An Arduino Uno (or compatible) would probably be right for this. You could likely do this on a smaller Arduino, such as a Nano or an Adafruit Trinket. The typical 2x16 LCD needs 4 I/O pins if I remember correctly, plus VCC and ground. The heartbeat sensor is probably just a single I/O pin, as is the temperature sensor. Those probably need analog capable I/O pins, though. The Uno has 5 available, I believe the Nano has 4, Trinket Pro has 6, and I can't remember how many the regular Trinket has offhand.

    Any of the Arduino processors could easily handle what you're asking.

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    • oyubir
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      2 years agoReport

      they encourage it, and did not see it as a misusage of a charity - since goal of raspberry was to provides cheap educationnal desktop computer for developing countries - nevertheless, it was designed to be a desktop computer. So not to be a thing running on some AA batteries)

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