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Disk drive on PC?

I just bought ARK on PC, but I cannot install is because it says my disk drive is full. I have been searching fo hours straight, and cannot find a solution. No matter what I delete it will not work, someone please help. This is windows 10 by the way

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  • 2 years ago
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    There's generally TWO options to quickly address this...

    A) Delete enough files to cover 110% of the install space -- The reason for the 10% buffer is give you some extra space for temporary files. You will ALSO want to make sure you have some extra free space for Window's pagefile AND for performance (as computers like to have some free space so it can optimize itself by periodically defragging files).

    HOWEVER, this can be harder than anticipated since this can require DEEP CUTS (by uninstalling unused apps or games). Please be aware that UNLESS you empty the recycling bin (which is a temporary holding spot for unwanted files, so you could recover stuff if you accidentally deleted them), you won't recover the space from those files.

    Since you didn't specify the exact name of the game (as there's at least TWO "ARK" games in the Steam Library), I'm going with the worst case scenario (being ARK: Survival Evolved)... which requires ~65 GB's of space (w/ buffer)

    B) Get a second, larger Storage Drive. While this will cost you around $50 - $60 for a 1 TB USB HDD (although you can get more space for extra), it's generally the easiest option to address the issue as you're adding more storage capacity to your computer. The two downsides is that it will take up a USB port on the system & it's generally the slow 5400 RPM HDD's (vs the 7200 RPM or even the SSD's). HOWEVER, these aren't dealbreakers unless you're performance hungry user (as you can counter the USB port usage with a USB hub, but a powered hub will require an extra outlet... so you're effectively trading one issue for another).

    Once connected to your system, you can store the game on the drive. Please be aware that if you're using Steam OR another digital distribution platform, you'll need to specify the new drive OR create a new "library directory" within the platform software before you can utilize it. However, this only a minor deal that takes just a few minutes to set-up.

    This is actually the option I'm using with my laptop to store the majority of my games on Steam, so I can save my primary drive's space for personal files & stuff that's going to be used more frequently.

    While there is a third option (Buying & installing a new, larger storage drive in your computer), it's way more complicated (typically requiring creating a back-up of your system or even creating a disc image) & requires OPEN CASE SURGERY (as you'll need to get into your computer to add secondary drive OR replace the current drive). There's also the risk (albeit a low risk) of overloading the power supply (which is risk on budget systems, as they tend to skimp on the power supply to just what the system needs & not much more to keep costs down).

    I hope this sheds some light on the subject so you can an idea on what you'll need to do.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    the ONLY answer is buy a new MUCH bigger drive , clone your existing one to the new drive , you can then just plug it in and run windows like before , otherwise check for large files over 1GB , but it will not be long before windows fails to start if your space is that limited

  • 2 years ago

    Delete large files in MB and GB, not KB. Back them up first.

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