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i broke up with my boyfriend but he still texts me?

everyday... the break up was amicable and necessary, but it was by my hands and he was pretty upset (as was i). i see him all the time and i’ve been completely normal and so has he but he’s been kind of awkward (naturally)...

the weird part about the texting is that he always initiates it but it feels kind of weird and cold. he’ll start the convo but leave me on read halfway through. other times it turns into sexting and me helping him c*m by the end of the night. i just want to give him what he wants cos i feel so guilty about the break up, but i can’t figure him out. why did he even message me post break up in the first place?? he’s happy for things to get sexual but he’s so weird about any other form of affection, like a simple compliment such as ‘thank you you’re too kind!’ or whatever

2 Answers

  • 2 years ago

    My boyfriend and i broke up and we communicate, too. Sometimes we see each other "platonically" but the last time he was here, he was lying on my floor and i noticed he was getting a hard on. Well, i could have done something about it, or ignored it. I ignored theShit out of it. Maybe next time!

    He has to make a decision about his commitment or not. I dont mind having casual sex with him, i guess. I'll always love the idiot... but i'm not going to just jump on his hard dick for no good reason. If he gives me one, i will... cuz all it takes is one good thing! I haven't seen that yet.

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  • 2 years ago

    He wants sex

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