How to stop breaking the rules in my house?

So ok, I’m 11 years old and I’m looking for help! I break a few rules in my house. I keep watching Youtube when I shouldn’t. I keep neglecting my chores. Well of course I do play games like Fortnite. I’m so far behind in classes too. (I’m in 6th grade) I’m right now writing this on my iPad because my computer isn’t working properly.

Please only write answers telling me how to fix my issues. Thanks


Also I’m a boy and I have a brother (17) who is on track on classes. (12th grade) I don’t want to end up struggling in High School and College.

My parents even dropped me out of a computer science school called “Ucode” because they couldn’t pay and I was far behind in school.

Also I sometimes spend a bit too much playing games like on a weekday, I could spend 3 hours playing and 7-8 on weekends

Update 2:

Don’t say your too young I’m going to delete my account when I get a good answer

Update 3:

Also we do work on paper and my teacher doesn’t give us homework

Update 4:

Also what I mean is I’m not able to do 6th grade work and I’m still studying for it

Update 5:

No one has a right answer!!!!!! Make better answers!

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    You're only 11, just chill out!!

    Obviously you should try your best in school and in your classes!! But its not the end of the world if you're slightly behind. You sound like a smart kid anyway who appears to be more coherent then many others on here.

    You should definitely stop playing video games so much! If you're playing 7-8 hours of fortnight or something on weekends that's WAY too much!

    Spend more time with your friends and just make the most of your childhood and having no responsibilities!!! Im the same age as your brother and trust me, being 11 is lit!! So....just CHILL OUT and remember to just have FUN. You'll have plenty of other time to stress about grades in the VERY near future. Enjoy being 11

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    2 years ago

    The answer to your problems is simple, you need to allocate your time to do what needs to be done and govern yourself to follow the schedule you set. Hint, that is how most people divide their time without creating issues.

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    Get away from here dumb 11 year old

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    It is hard to raise kids, so your parents are trying to help you succeed in life and they need your help to do it. You need to get some willpower and set some limits on using your laptop or tablet. You need to show some responsibility by doing your chores BEFORE you do anything else - it doesn't take long and if you don't do it, the chores will still be hanging over your head and your parents will also be unhappy. You will become an adult soon enough and you are going to need what your school is teaching you if you want to have a good life.

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    Well the first step is to stop making excuses and avoiding the work. Asking this question and saying your computer isn't working are both excuses to not try to do the work. You try to say you need guidance or that the computer is making things impossible. But the truth is, you know what you need to do, that parts obvious even if you don't want to admit it. And the computer isn't stopping you. You have an iPad, maybe a phone, all sorts of different methods to look up information. Your teacher isn't going to fail you if you hand in a hand written paper saying your computer broke (they seriously can't, they may want typed but if that is impossible for the student they can not punish them) but she will if you do nothing. Doing nothing with the excuse that things aren't perfect right now to complete the work or the situation is too difficult without really trying is what leads to common failure. You can do things, you can work around things, you just have to try first.

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    2 years ago

    You're too young to be on YA. Can't follow rules here either.

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