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concrete floors, brick walls, metal roofs: why don't people build fireproof homes like the third little pig?

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    Roofing campbell can do this.

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    To be "fireproof", it would also need to have no windows, or specialized, high-temp reflecting glass. Otherwise the radiation from a nearby fire can enter the home and ignite the combustible contents.

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    because even if the house itself is brick, metal, etc, the furnishings, interior walls, peoples personal possessions will NOT be fire proof.

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    costs in weight ease of const

    ruction speed in construction

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    here in the uk we build with concrete floors ..and brick walls ..the inner skin is block ..most roof tiles are concrete ..or clay ...we would never use shingles ..or felt ..and never tin sheets like america ..but still our houses can and do burn down ..

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    In California that might make sense, but 1000 miles north of there where I live heating a pig like that would break the bank.

    And we clear trees and brush away from a house as far away as the trees are tall, fires still happen, but not such a big risk to property and life.

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    they do

  • 1 year ago

    Its more expensive and difficult to build with such materials

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      no it is less expensive. i know. i did.

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    Source(s): Castle's in her future too huh.
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    We do its call d asbestos very good stuff

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