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I truly love this girl, but it’s a complicated situation. Help?

I’m a 17-year-old guy, and I am truly in love with this girl. Yes, I love everything about her, not only her body like most guys. We’ve known each other since we were 6 years old and we get along so well. There has been a strong, profound flirtatious vibe between the two of us for the past couple years now. Every time we see each other, which isn’t as often these days, I sense the attraction growing even stronger. The only reason neither of us has made a move yet is because it seems a bit taboo. Why? Because she is my step-mother’s NIECE, so she is technically part of my family. Although my step mom doesn’t mind if we had a relationship, my dad has reservations because he watched us grow up together and feels that we’re more like siblings. I realize that it’s not a big deal if we dated because we are in no way, shape, or form related by blood. So how can I reveal my feelings to her without it ever leaking to my parents? Should I wait until we are older? Also, there is a second component to this question. Since we seldomly see each other, I need to find a way to stay in touch with her constantly. She’s had boyfriends in the past, and even though she would still flirt with me when she wasn’t single, I’m still afraid of other guys taking her. I need to make sure that she diverts her attention away from other guys so that I can keep the ball rolling with her. The problem is that she is not easy to communicate with. She’s awful at texting, and I wouldn’t even bother to call her.


She’s the type of girl to give you one word answers and take hours to respond when you text her. Should I just keep trying to text and communicate with her even if I have to be a little bit pushy? I’m really paranoid of losing her to another guy because I could lose my chance to pursue my dream girl. Please help! All well-written, articulate, mature answers are appreciated. Thanks.

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    Wow, seems like you two are lovebirds. I can understand where your dad is coming from, if this didn’t work out it could ruin a very close relationship with her that you can’t really get instantly. I would recommend talking to your dad and being serious about it. Make sure he knows it’s not just some crush and maybe he will sway, that would help you to not have to hide it.

    Secondly, I would recommend just getting your feelings out there. If she’s into you as well, great, go out with her. But she has a right to know about it. Tell her at a time when you two are hanging out in person alone, and have a backup plan if you need to get out of there.

    Thirdly, try not to be so paranoid about other guys. It seems to me it’s just her personality to flirt, so I wouldn’t lose sleep over it. Maybe organise to meet up at least once or twice a week, if not more, on a regular basis.

    Finally, don’t take it too seriously. I understand that being 17 feels like you have to do everything now, but remember that you’ve got your whole life ahead full of other people to fall in love with. If things don’t work out, it’s okay, just try not to lose her.

    Sorry for the long answer, just wanted to be thorough since there’s a lot here to address.

    Hope all works out, bro!

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    Your dad is wrong, there is No blood between you and her. Many people date childhood friends and do marry. Talk to the girl and see how she feels about you and her dating, etc. In the mean time keep it to yourselves for now and see where it goes.

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    Ask her to do something together, like as study together or some hobby.

    And confess your feeling, then she will accept it as she seems has same feeling.

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    Thst family relationship is so distant as to be irrelevant.

    As for the second,if you care enough you will manage to meet up.

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    To me, it seems as though it may not be worth it right now. You say you are 17, so I assume you are a senior in high school. You will both be going your separate ways in less than a year and you said it yourself, she is a bad communicator, so a long-distance relationship would not work out. I think that it seems like you guys are lifelong friends who will always stay in touch, so if something is meant to happen, it will happen eventually and you shouldn't have to be "pushy"

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    As for the second part , if a girl is still talking to guys in a relationship , she isn’t ready for a relationship and therefore if she gets into a relationship with you, she is going to cheat. Something to think about if you think she is still going to be talking to guys. As the first part, I feel like it is almost a taboo type of thing and not you two actually liking each other. A relationship is not the same as being brother and sister. Do you think you have more a sister and brother love? I think it will never work out because eventually your parents will find out just from you guys being sneaky. Parents know everything.

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