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NFL Fantasy - should I go for Dez Bryant?

So in my league I am #1 in the waiver order. So if I want Dez Bryant I can grab him.

But do I burn my #1 status atop the waiver order for a guy has hasn't played all year? What if he's out of shape?

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    If he was that out of shape, he wouldn't be in negotiations with the Saints on a contract.

    But since I don't know who you may drop, or who else may be out there, or the makeup of your roster (lots of injured guys, bye weeks remaining, etc) I couldn't say whether or not you just use your waiver claim.

    No reason to believe he'll make a big impact, but anything is possible.

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      Thanks. Would be dropping Smallwood (PHI) and Robinson (CHI). No great loss so far this season.

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    I would say that the potential is worth it, depending on your current lineup of course. If you can find a guy that you hate starting and you can drop him, great.

    Point is, there is POTENTIAL for Bryant, whereas the rest of the NFL has played over half the season and we basically for the most part know how the rest of the season is going to go, barring injuries. Keep in mind his ceiling is limited because he will be lining up behind Michael Thomas, but again. Potential. Drop whoever hasn't given you results.

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