How reliable is a 2007/8 Infiniti G35?

I am think of buying a used 2007/8 Infiniti G35 since they are not very expensive to get however I m a little concerned about its reLiability as it s a luxury car and those tend to be expensive to reapir. I ve looked online without success. Is the car reliable or I m better off buying another one?

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    2 years ago
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    Lets just look at common repair costs if you can't work on it yourself...


    Average oil change $80-$110

    Front or rear brakes and rotors - $500 per pair

    Leaking valve cover repair - $400

    Front strut replacement - $450

    Rear shock replacement - $400

    Clutch replacement - $1200

    Radiator Replacement - $450 - $950

    CV Axle Shafts - $360 each

    Automatic Transmission Rebuild - $2800 - $3800

    Lower control arm bushing replacement - $800 per side (common)

    Timing chain tensioner - $1000

    Exhaust replacement - $1200

    Headlight bulb replacement - $320 each

    Camshaft sensor replacement - $300

    Window motors - $300

    Windshield Replacement - $300-$600

    Fuel pump replacement - $600

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    I have an Infiniti with about 176k miles. Things seldom break, but they're pricey when they do. (Replacing the right-side mirror was nearly $700.) The local dealer will do the standard oil change for around $50.

  • 2 years ago

    Hi so as this particular make is actually a off shoot of another make intros case i believe it's a Honda or a Nissan. so as to days cars are designed to last just 7 years. it matters not what make it is the same rules apply. so a 10 year old car is not going to reliable. add to this the original warranty period was usually 3 years then it is logical that a this car is not going to be reliable hence the low retail cost of secondhand cars is going to be low.

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    2 years ago

    1st of all, buying any vehicle that's 10 years old will = it needing work just to be roadworthy; 2nd - the insurance will be higher than a non "luxury" vehicle; 3rd - look at the site for reviews of almost any vehicle

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