Similarities and differences between spanish and arab cultures?

So far what I kind is a few grammar facts and how spanish foods are focused around cooking vegetables while arab foods are focused around cooking meat but both cultures have rice in almost EVERYTHING. What else am I missing? I'm looking for any facts, doesnt have to be around food.


Ok so I just found out that they also have similar styles in music but dont know exactly how to explain that their music styles are both different and similar. Can I get a little help for how exactly I should word it?

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    1 year ago
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    There is one Spanish culture. That is the one from Spain.

    Spanish culture does NOT use rice in almost everything. The only mainstream Spanish dish with rice is paella. The vast majority of Spanish dishes do not contain rice.

    I won't speak for Arab foods because I don't have a clue, plus I assume they vary a LOT by region, considering Arabs come from anywhere from Morocco all the way to Qatar...

    - Some traditional Spanish musical forms are influenced by Arabic music, such as the Spanish Flamenco style of music, both in musical instrument style and in singing style.

    - Some Spanish words come from Arabic, especially place names. For example, Guadalajara or Algeciras.

    - There are then of course Arabic influences on different pieces of architecture left behind from the Arabic conquest of Spain. Then there is a Spanish form of architecture called Mudejar, which is Spanish in creation, but heavily influenced by Moorish (Arabic) styles.

    Source(s): I'm Spanish.
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    1 year ago

    They all look the same, so it doesn't matter.

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