HDD to SSD for my Laptop?

I'm considering to buy an SSD for my laptop. It is still good, 4 cores 8 threads (I believe it was I7-3632U), 8 GB RAM, GeForce 620M Graphics card. So, as you can see, not really a heavy duty laptop for large games, but it still works very well. The thing is, it's 6+ years old, and the HDD is really making it hard to work with especially after all these years (mostly during start up, but then it runs just fine). I optimized the Windows 10 on it as much as I can, but still it could be better, which is why I decided to buy an SSD for it. My question is: If I create a System Image of my current operating system, and then replace the HDD with SSD and put the image on the SSD, will I have any problems? Absolutely nothing else will be changed hardware wise. It literally just HDD to SSD "migration" with the exact same data from which I had left my HDD. Would that work?


Oh, and I forgot to mention. HDD and SSD will be different sizes in total. Like from 256 GB to 512 GB (example)

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    Even if you don't clone it you can probably find a free 3rd party software that will tell you your windows ID/CD key (I did this once on a laptop a few years back). You can try reinstalling windows & activating using that key if you have an install disk for that version. If that doesn't work then yes I'd clone the drive but being a few years old a fresh install would be best to make sure everything runs smooth and super fast (even if not SSD's are much faster and you'll notice this on bootup),

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    many SSDs come with the required cloning software ... just follow directions. you will need the external enclosure mentioned by someone else.

    if you get one without the software, i recommend the free downloads at cnet.net ... look for the Editor's Choice version

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  • Fulano
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    1 year ago

    Usually what you want to do is clone your old hard drive to the SSD. As for specifics on how you do that, I've only done it a couple times, long ago.

    Clonezilla is a great tool for such things, but very technical. I don't remember if Easus Partition Master can do it. I thought Disk Management could do it but I'm not finding that option right now.

    Going from a bigger hard drive to a smaller SSD is the trick, but there is software that does it.

    I've put SSD's in a couple old computers now, it does amazing things for it's usability, making boot and load times go so much faster.

    Hopefully somebody else comes along here who knows more details, but I do know there are tutorials that cover how to clone drives out there.

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