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Spyro asked in SportsWrestling · 3 years ago

Which of these female wrestlers of all time would win, based off of skill, or anything else?

Tessa Blanchard or Becky Lynch

Charlotte or Alundra Blayze

Nikki Bella or Lita

Taya Valkyrie or Candice LeRae

IO Shirai or Kairi Sane

Jazz or Shayna Baszler

AJ Lee or Alexa Bliss

Asuka or Cheerleader Melissa

Melina or Ember Moon

Paige or Ruby Riott

Angelina Love or Madison Rayne

Victoria or Molly Holly

Trish Stratus or Sasha Banks

Bull Nakano or Sara Del Rey

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    3 years ago
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    Becky Lynch. Tessa's good, but she still has time to improve and become better. Becky's solid as it stands though.

    Alundra Blayze: It's close, but I think Blayze was more well-traveled and a bit more intense.

    Nikki Bella: Kill the messenger, but Lita's in-ring game doesn't really hold up well when put under a modern microscope. She's made some great moments in women's wrestling history and paved the way, but she was definitely a product of her time. Nikki's not the best in this generation of female wrestlers, but I'd still say she's better than Lita.

    Candice LeRae: I've been watching LU since it's inception and Taya just doesn't do it for me. Candice is a tad over hyped, but she's had some awesome matches in places like PWG, and even her NXT and MYC stuff has been better than anything I've seen out of Taya.

    Kairi Sane : Io might be a textbook in-ring dynamo, but Sane's style strikes me as unique. Simply basing it against Elbow vs Moonsault, Sane's finish is more impressive.

    Shayna Baszler: Shayna's a prodigy who only gets better as time goes by. She's better than her peer Rousey in every facet of wrestling, be it talking, working, or simply having a presence. Jazz was another great for her time, and I'm excited to see what she does with the NWA Women's title, but Baszler has had more memorable matches in her short tenure in WWE than Jazz ever had.

    Alexa Bliss : AJ was another one of those women who was sort of a prototype to what women's wrestling could be. She was one of the best they had on the roster for the time, but I'd argue Bliss's character work and in-ring acumen, especially for such a short period in the business, surpasses AJ. I do think Lee could come back tomorrow, shake off the rust, and hang but to me Bliss is more versatile inside the ring and on the microphone.

    Asuka: This one was tough. Cheerleader Melissa might've been the first great indie wrestler, much less female, that I ever heard about. She's had some great matches in LU, and still knows how to hang in the ring with any opponent...however, Raesha Saed was a bad gimmick where Melissa put in half effort. I can't think of a bad, half-assed, Asuka match.

    Ember Moon: Melina wasn't bad, but Ember's better.

    Paige: I love Riot, have since the indies, but Paige is a better talker and a more interesting wrestler to me. I hate Ruby was aggregated to being b-show Paige, but yeah. I think Paige is better than Riot in more ways than Riot's better than Paige.

    Madison Rayne : Madison was the only true wrestler in the Beautiful People in my eyes. Velvet tried and did a lot with in-ring character and charisma to cover her game, and Angelina definitely knew when to put her work boots on, but Rayne was better.

    Victoria: This is another one that hurts because I probably like Molly more than Victoria, but Victoria was so well-rounded in-ring. Her power game was on point, she could cut a pretty standing moonsault, and I don't recall a bad match out of her which is saying a lot considering some of the crap she had to contend with. A lot of that could be said about Molly, but Victoria's just so much more of an athlete.

    Trish Stratus: Sasha can be better than Trish. She has been. She has plenty of bouts in the books that were better than anything Trish could pull off, but she's not consistent. Once Trish fit her work boots, she pretty much delivered consistently good matches that have way more hype behind them than anything Sasha's ever done on the main roster. Trish knew her limitations, whereas Sasha tends to overreach. That overreaching has caused her to crash and burn on multiple occasions, and even when she does nail something amazing it does little to endear her with the fans on a longer time table. Trish was female Hogan. She worked smarter and not harder and let looks and charisma carry her.

    Sara Del Rey: Joshi like Bull are impressive for what they are, but because of women like Bull they've become a dime a dozen. I'd argue Aja Kong's a better wrestler than Bull, and she was definitely inspired by Nakano. Sara has dimensions to her role and in-ring style. I've seen her face women as a monster heel bully, and I've seen her face men as an equal or an underdog. I'm sure Sara might disagree, but I think she was a cleaner and more fundamental wrestler, not to mention imposing and impressive in an athletic way.

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    3 years ago

    Becky Lynch



    Taya Valkyrie

    Kari Sane


    Alexa Bliss


    Ember Moon

    Ruby Riot

    Madison Rayne


    Trish Stratus

    Bull Nakano

  • 3 years ago

    Tessa Blanchard or Becky Lynch - Becky Lynch

    Charlotte or Alundra Blayze - Alundra Blayze

    Nikki Bella or Lita - Lita

    Taya Valkyrie or Candice LeRae - Candice LeRae

    IO Shirai or Kairi Sane - Kairi Sane

    Jazz or Shayna Baszler - Jazz

    AJ Lee or Alexa Bliss - AJ Lee

    Asuka or Cheerleader Melissa - Asuka

    Melina or Ember Moon - Ember Moon

    Paige or Ruby Riott - Paige

    Angelina Love or Madison Rayne - Angelina Love

    Victoria or Molly Holly - Victoria

    Trish Stratus or Sasha Banks - Trish Stratus

    Bull Nakano or Sara Del Rey - Bull Nakano

  • 3 years ago

    Lets see base on Skills

    1) Tessa Blanchard vs Becky Lynch = Becky Lynch

    2) Charlotte vs Alundra Blayze = Blayze

    3) Nikki Bella vs Lita = Nikki Bella

    4) Taya Valkyrie vs Candice LeRae = (I'm giving it to Valkyrie cause I like her)

    5) IO Shirai vs Kairi Sane = IO Shirai

    6) Jazz vs Shayna Baszler = (I don't like these two but Baszler wins)

    7) AJ Lee vs Alexa Bliss = Bliss gets my pick (I don't like Lee because of Punk)

    8) Asuka vs Cheerleader Melissa = Asuka

    9) Melina vs Ember Moon = Ember Moon

    10) Paige vs Ruby "Ugly" Riot = Paige

    11) Angelina Love vs Madison Rayne = Rayne is just a better Wrestler

    12 Victoria vs Molly Holly = Victoria

    13) Trish Stratus vs Sasha Banks = Stratus

    14) Bull Nakano vs Sara Del Rey = Nakano takes in the end

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