The storm abates now, subsiding from the darkness, revealing sudden permitting light, translucent clarity of a bright new day. The madness of rage, within the confines of the mind, affronted by calamities of a bygone time, secreted within synapses of fury, found the courage to face the issues, activating the past traumas, experiences moulding sinews of toxic angst, processed by the compassion for the self mind and spirit, assuaged into the archives of life experience, challenges being life and living per se. The goodwill to ones open self, comforted by the goodly sense of understanding, permits one the processing of anger with the spirit of care and love, to process the raging furnace until the embers of anger fade into the dulcet hues of autumns light. Resolving, resolved, the new persona arises from its ashes of the destructiveness, its trials to become, once again, light, the glowing light of a peace so bountiful, so healing, and the mind freed, free to live again, in measures of bliss happiness and joy, laud ecstacy, celebrations of the wonder of the world than the dark recesses of its disquieted silent despair in its myriad desolation.

The madness over, the mind begins to see the world in its reality than its projected adversity, and its woes reflected the wars resolved within. Absolved from the self recriminating rage, with new found wings, to wage with the injustices apparent caused by the past inability to stand for the self worth, self interest, self...


Your Thoughts ...

Update 2:

It wasn't written for you, hence makes no sense

Update 3:

Thank you for the constructive criticism bbb

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    And again in English? Or better still, prose that makes sense,

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