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What would you reply to a person who uses this excuse to justify how religious leaders refuse to condemn child sexual abuse in the?

religious community.

These religious leaders still do a lot of other good things

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    They believe that and nothing you'll say will change that. I wouldn't even enter a conversation about that in the first place.

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    If the actions of the man committing the good deeds can be acknowledged, the actions of the man committing the not so good deeds against children also need to be acknowledged. If the good actions can and do receive attention, the not so good actions must also receive attention. Ultimately, what is the probative value to the children and society in general if only the good deeds are upheld?

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    I wouldn't get into such a conversation in the first place.

    But many people wonder whether not permitting priests to marry is such a good idea these days. Maybe some long-standing traditions ought to be abandoned.

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    I would say, "great-how would you like those religious leaders to do those great things to YOUR kids...?"

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  • 2 years ago

    i probably wouldnt say anything, i wouldnt want to start an argunnent

  • Foofa
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    2 years ago

    Nixon did a lot of good things... Stalin too... An individual or institution can be both good and bad. The goal should be to eliminate the bad while maintaining the good.

  • MARK
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    2 years ago

    I do not care what other good things they claim they have done. If a man who claims he believes in god, and who will also claim a higher morality than non-believers, and that his morality comes from a god, then buggers a pre-pubescent boy not even giving £1M a year to charity undoes the evil of his immoral actions.

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    Ted Bundy, the serial killer, did a lot of good things too. So what?

    Lots of child molesters do good things.

    None of the good things they do can make up for the devastation they create for the people they abuse.


    And it may be they are doing these good things in order to provide cover for themselves.

  • Religious leaders have always condemned child sexual abuse in the strongest possible terms. However, that's not as newsworthy as a paedophile from 30 years ago.

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    i would MMOB....THEY ARE NOT JUDGES IN COURTs...people who break the law can be tried in court.

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