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Why is it so hard to find tutors at the high school level for a hospital homebound student? Even willing to pay I cannot find anyone! Would?

K12 online be another option? Do we really have to sue the school? I guess a ged test is a last ditch effort?

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    I have heard many bad reviews for K12 . So do your research into them.

    Have you asked your doctor or hospital for help or suggestions.

    Have you gone to the school district superintendent? Check your state’s department of education web site or your state’s State Borad of education web site?

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    K12 is absolute garbage and like all garbage IT SHOULD BE BURNED.

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    Have you tried talking to your child's school? My friend's son had cancer and his local school provided the names of tutors who could help out. Many school districts have plans set in place for students who get sick. You shouldn't even have to pay as they are provided through the state. But, there are certain requirements your child must fit into.

    If your child is in highschool they are old enough to do most of the studying on their own. The only thing they may need help with is math. There are sites online that can help teach math.

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    Don't sue the school. They are not required to provide in-home education.

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    Have you tried googleing high school tutors in home? I did and I got multiple hits.

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