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What can I add to my dad's gravesite to honor his service in the Marines?

My dad passed away 6 days ago. During WWII he fought in the pacifc in the Marines. After the war he became a general practioner. He loved the Marines and loved being a gp. He was a member of Marine Corps league. I was thinking about the inscription on his grave (he's got a temporarily marker right now). I was thinking about writing the following " DR. JUSTIN DANIEL .... PFC US MARINE CORPS-WWII- 1924-2018 LOVING HUSBAND FATHER AND FRIEND" and then have an eagle globe and anchor symbol depicted on his gravestone. also an american flag a nearby. Do you think I might add something to that??

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    That is up to the rules of the Cemetery not anybody here .

    Ask the people who are in charge of your late fathers last resting place what they will allow.

    Then make your choice based on that !

    Why not make a donation of money or an item or two or to your local hospital or V.A hospital in his name!

    Or Volunteer for a day or two a month or week at Your local V.A. hospital or civilian hospital.

    Assuming you did not follow him in to the medical profession and practise the noble art of healing!

    I am sure he would have liked that far more than a fancy grave marker !

    We thank your father for his service both as a Marine and more importantly a Family Doctor.

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    You could request a military grave marker.

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    If you are going to get the free US government head stone then you have to put what they allow on it. If you are going to bury him in a US government cemetery then you have to follow their rules too. If you want to put all this stuff on his grave stone then you are going to be paying for it and burying him in a private cemetery. You had better check with the mortuary and cemetery as to what is allowed before you go spend money.

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    I'd make it reader friendlier, which would mean more to a stranger passing by. Something like 'Dr. Justin Daniel, 1924-2018. Proud WW2 US Marine, loving husband, father and friend.' Eagle and flag sound perfect.

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    Ask if the cemetery has a program to sell or distribute flag holders for veterans (The historic cemetery where

    I volunteer as a guide has such a program). Then get an American flag, a Marine Corps flag, or both.

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    I think that's just right.

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