Why are modern houses built differently?

Why when I drive into my city all the houses have awnings and stained glass windows? Why do they have archways inside them? Why are they brick? Why is the mailbox on the front porch where it should be?

I am 27 years old and I cannot stand modern houses in the suburbs. They all look the same. They all have the same colored siding. They have no awnings. The mailboxes are all along the street. The garage is attached to the house. I don't like it. The developers today suck and build them so cheap. They sell the cheap homes at high prices too.

Why did the people back then build them with bricks and make each one unique? Every house in the city is different from the next. The garages are detached. They have ally's. Why are developers now so modern and cheap? It makes me sick. The developers back then actually took pride in their work and made each brick home different. Now they just get in and build and get out.

What is going on? I guess I just have an old fashioned taste. The developers today are modern and make houses ugly.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    they only build what sells regardless of your personal tastes

  • 2 years ago

    Where do we start? Let's start with money. More land for a detached garage costs more money. Building details like awnings and archways and stained glass windows cost money. People are often willing to pay for those things if they can afford them. For many people, having a house at all even if it isn't beautiful is better than having no house. Brick homes are harder to insulate than wood frame. Heating a house with poor insulation costs money. Mailboxes are now on the street because it saves time and therefore the post office can employ fewer people and save money. If a postie has to walk up on to a porch to deliver mail to each house, he or she will probably be able to deliver to half as many houses compared to how many can be delivered to with mailboxes on the street.

    The old houses that are all different from the ones next door were most likely built by individual people who had enough money to custom-build a house.

    Houses like that these days do have many fine details, and most people can't afford them.

    When you buy your first house, feel free to buy one with all the features you like, if you can afford one. That goes for buying an older house with all those nice details. One of those may well cost you twice as much, or more, to operate and maintain as a newer house.

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