Why are modern houses built differently?

Why when I drive into my city all the houses have awnings and stained glass windows? Why do they have archways inside them? Why are they brick? Why is the mailbox on the front porch where it should be?

I am 27 years old and I cannot stand modern houses in the suburbs. They all look the same. They all have the same colored siding. They have no awnings. The mailboxes are all along the street. The garage is attached to the house. I don't like it. The developers today suck and build them so cheap. They sell the cheap homes at high prices too.

Why did the people back then build them with bricks and make each one unique? Every house in the city is different from the next. The garages are detached. They have ally's. Why are developers now so modern and cheap? It makes me sick. The developers back then actually took pride in their work and made each brick home different. Now they just get in and build and get out.

What is going on? I guess I just have an old fashioned taste. The developers today are modern and make houses ugly.

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  • 2 years ago

    In days before my time and even to today there are places where all the homes were built identical. Mostly for the middle class or those escaping urban rot.

    There are also places where the houses are very individual and have such things as "detached garages". Often for the upper middle class or better.

    Tract homes are more affordable then a custom built home. When a person pays to have a custom built home they get to select what ever they want.

    At least today there are not rows of "company houses" like one saw being build well into the thirties. When the employee paid rent to the company they worked for. All of them were build with "position" in mind. Each level of management had a different quality of house. The average working family had a "tender box" "shot gun" style house.

    Bottom line is:

    If you want a better style house, you will have to pay for it to get it!

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