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This is late....but Roman Reigns has leukemia?

Your thoughts?

This is bigger than people's hate for Reigns, or whether he deserves to be Universal Champion.....

I'm honestly very saddened by the news, and my thoughts go out to him & his family. He's a hero inside the ring, but he's also one outside of the ring for facing this disease head-on.


...I'll also add that I find it disgusting that some people are joking about this and saying "It's a work".

It's not funny to me at all.

Update 2:

Thanks for the answers everyone. If you've shown support for him, thank you, and if you still brought wrestling into this and joked about least you've shown me your true colors and you wouldn't find this funny if one of your friends or family members were going through the same thing....

You know who I'm talking to.

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    My heart sunk a little, when I first head about it. I was in shock more than anything. Roman Reigns is one of the best superstars in WWE. He can have good matches with a lot of superstars in WWE, and one of the hardest workers. Roman Reigns didn't have any wrestling, mma, or martial arts training before coming to the WWE, and he is still one of the toughest superstars in WWE.

    I have always admired him, and always thought a lot higher of him than most people. If the cancer is not too seriously, I believe in him that he can get through it. If Roman Reigns can go blow for blow with Brock Lesnar, and perform under high pressure, I believe he is capable of a lot of things.

    Even if he doesn't return, which is not my concern right now, he will always be somebody I look up too, and I'm real greatful for him of what he has accomplished in WWE. I will sometimes show support towards him, and sometimes pray for him. Thank you Roman. I wish you nothing but good things, and I'm proud to stick up for you, and will continue, even if I don't watch wrestling as much.

    • Spyro1 year agoReport

      It's good to know another fan likes him, besides me. I want him to be happy too, and I hope he continues to feel supported, and cared for. I wouldn't wish cancer on anybody, and that is messed up if anyone wished that on someone because they don't like their character.

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    I feel horrible too. I used to hate him ever since the defeat of Taker at Wrestlemania, but now that I know he has cancer, I can’t help but feel like a borderline asshole.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Poor guy, hope he makes it through.

  • 1 year ago

    why are you talking about romans didnt they all die out ages ago

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  • Moya
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    1 year ago

    Get well Roman

    Whoop Cancers ***

  • 1 year ago

    *I don't like Roman Reigns. I think he is a mediocre wrestler and a terrible talker as well as an overrated arrogant idiot that tries to come off as the exact opposite of it. I also think he is Vince's toy that doesn't break.

    *I hate how he is pushed leagues above the rest and how he is apparently the center of attention in the main event league and how he is steadily pushed as the face of the company.

    *Now when I saw the news regarding leukemia, I didn't feel happy about it. If it wasn't something like Roman Reigns suffering an injury e.g leg injury or back injury then I would be happy about it because it would keep him out and if he retired because of it, I wouldn't care.

    *With good treatment, he should survive. I don't want his children to be fatherless nor his wife made a widow. I don't want him dead either or all his friends heartbroken by it.

    • Mr. Yaw
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      Hoping that someone actually gets injured is f__ed up.

  • It's real funny that's this news is bigger than Tyson's case. He ain't special, bub. Just another guy takin the main event spot instead of the others.

    Now he got a disease that's leukemia. Cancer stuff but that probably means he ain't main eventing another wrestlemania and he ain't gonna be receiving huge pushes. Plus Reigns ain't gonna be embarrassing himself on that mic talkin bullshit and he ain't gonna be embarrassing himself in the ring for a while.

    Vince better learn from this and when Reigns comes back, he ain't no more a stupidass main eventer fúcktard and he's a jobber bahaha that's what Vince should do.

    Then again, cancer is bad and this is worse than Wellness Violation. Reigns should have violated wellness program, not gotten cancer nah man.

    Vince gonna cry about it, oh boo hoo. Well someone's gonna be champ, baby!

    • Mr. Yaw
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      Beating leukemia is a far bigger deal than winning a title on a scripted wrestling program.
      Title reigns come & go....
      Nobody has came back from death and told what it's like.

  • 1 year ago

    He has had it for 11 years it was in remission until very recently

  • 1 year ago

    Cancer ain't good for anybody but dude is in pain. Best he fights the disease

    And go into rehab cause blood cancer is bad y-know. I remember when Reigns

    Had hernia and he was out for a while but here he'd be out for months baby

    But depends on what stage it's on and I read he was on remission so probably

    That cancer reached another stage and Reigns gonna need high help and he

    Needs chemotherapy cause if don't then another's on the destroyed list.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of Roman Reigns’ character or push. Fake wrestling can wait. What does matter is Roman’s fight with leukemia. I hope he kicks leukemia’s ***!

    Edit. If you’re one of these people that thinks this is good in any shape or form. Whether it’s good for his career or good for other wrestlers then you are a disgusting human.

    • Mr. Yaw
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      @John Dasani: Yup, agreed. It's people who joke about this disease, by saying that "it's a work" or it's just a way to get Reigns over, that gives wrestling fans a bad name.

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