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I think i want to commit suicide... but is that a bad idea?

I don’t really like who i am... i like myself but i don’t like how i feel... i feel like i never can feel the way i want to. I always feel ways that i don’t want to feel. And i also have some hate going on in my life and there is no way to solve it with someone. The only person that can solve hatefulness is me. And i also have so many thoughts that come to my mind that are annoying or change my feelings. But i won’t commit suicide because I’m too coward to do it.

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  • 1 year ago

    Don’t do it. Call lifeline instead and get a doctor’s referral to see a psychologist.

  • 1 year ago

    Yes.It is a bad idea.

  • shane
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    1 year ago

    If there was no tribulation in life (meaning hassles and problems and upsets), life would be boring, if not a worthless journey. So, like all of us, be happy you have disappointment, otherwise when things go great, there would be no excitement or joy. Btw, suicide is a lousy idea, you could miss really arousing things, like making love, and winning the Mega Billions.

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    What you're going through right now will might not feel hopeless and depressed tomorrow or next week or next month or in 6 months. Then you won't be able to go back on what you did. You will miss out on all the potential happiness you could have in the future because of your momentary unhappiness.

    If everybody in the world just gave up when times were tough there would be nobody left. We must stay positive and positive changes will happen.

    Have hope and pray to God , talk to people about what you're going through because chances are you're not going through things alone there are plenty of other people who have been in your situation before.

    It's a cowards way out to commit suicide..they rather run away from life than to stick things out until the sun shines again. Love yourself because there is nobody exactly like you in the world, be around people who can appreciate the good qualities you possess and stay away from people who are toxic that will bring you down. Focus on setting goals for yourself that will enhance your life.

    Good luck!

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  • 1 year ago

    Why don't you sleep on it?

  • 1 year ago

    If you kill yourself, you'll go straight to Hell and burn forever and ever and ever and ever!!!

  • Alfred
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    1 year ago

    it's NOT just a bad idea.... it's a chillingly lousy idea- in every way.....

    even ''just'' your/ one's trying to hurt yourself or take your life- whatsoever....

    additional questions are to be asked in real life, in your area

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    every human being experience negative thought , if you can't able to face it with gentleness , your negative thought grows , some forced to surrender their negative thought , and some they make suicide to escape from negative thought ....but I sow negative thought get dissolved , when I need to face it with good thought ......

  • 1 year ago

    Hey I understand completely how you feel, but trying to solve this yourself isn’t going to work. If you think your thoughts are going to help you through this, you’re completely wrong. You definitely don’t want to be alone during these times and sadly asking for help or guidance online will probably make your depression worst. For me I found that running away to a different environment helps short term, but it’s not the long term cure. I even worked up the courage to see a doctor and was prescribed Zoloft, it also didn’t work on me.

    Right now I’m at a better place, all it took was time and coming to terms with the things you regret. Surround yourself in the things that make you happy. It’ll be a long route but stop thinking and start taking action

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    Suicide is never the answer,but you can change your life.I was suicidal once,but a friend beat me to it.His friends encouraged me to get help.You should try to go into therapy.If you don't like the first one,try another Also if you have "toxic people " in your life try avoiding them.I blocked some of my biological family on social media and had 10 years of peace.Also try to find a religion you are happy with,it helps

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